With all the love and respect for dentists, let’s admit that we want to meet with them in clinics as little as possible. Good oral hygiene is not a panacea, but it is still a good chance to keep your teeth healthy. We figured out what oral products Russian brands offer. The choice is not poor: from strengthening toothpastes to irrigators and brushes for braces.

good mouthwashes


The brand has its own laboratory and eco-factory in Valdai with CO status2— neutral production. Not only Splat toothpastes are made here, but also Biomed, INEY and INNOVA. The products are designed for different needs of the oral cavity: there are supportive pastes, medical, whitening, and sensitive toothpastes. The brand also creates dental floss and brushes, mouthwashes, and children’s pastes.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Golden Apple

Russian oral products: Klatz


brand of toothpaste. In total, it produces 27 types for the prevention of caries, healthy gums, strengthening and so on. The compositions use calcium citrate, silicon dioxide, zinc lactate, fluorine ions, plant extracts. The assortment includes children’s pastes, as well as pastes with unusual flavors, such as milkshake or cognac.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Pharmacosmerica, Golden Apple

where to buy bamboo toothbrushes

Longa Vita

Tomsk brand specializes in the production of toothbrushes. There are ordinary brushes, bamboo, electric, special for prostheses and braces. Also in the catalog is a large line of children’s products. Especially for children, the brand has developed brushes with brushing timers that will help you maintain proper oral hygiene.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, L’Etoile, Golden Apple

Russian oral products: White Secret

white secret

The Novosibirsk brand produces teeth whitening products based on hydrogen peroxide. The catalog includes toothpastes, special whitening powder and dissolving strips. The latter are classified according to the duration of the whitening course.

Where could I buy: White Secret, Ozon, L’Etoile, Golden Apple, Wildberries

rinses and pastes Levrana


The St. Petersburg brand of natural cosmetics has a whole line of oral care products. The brand’s products contain the most natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. For teeth in the catalog there are pastes and rinses designed for different needs: from fresh breath to strengthening gums.

Where could I buy: Levrana, Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Golden Apple

Russian oral products: Waterdent


The brand mainly produces tongue brushes, irrigators and liquids for them. The composition of the latter contains bischofite — the salt of the ancient sea, which cares for tooth enamel. According to the manufacturer, irrigator fluid helps to better clean the oral cavity. It is concentrated, so one bottle of the product will last a long time.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, L’Etoile, Golden Apple

teeth whitening products from Russian brands

global white

The brand has products for remineralization and teeth whitening. It is alleged that the brand creates all products together with Russian dentists and scientists. The catalog includes whitening pastes, foams and strips, mouth sprays, toothbrushes, and floss.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Golden Apple, Podruzhka, Yandex Market, L’Etoile

Russian oral products: Jungle Story

Jungle Story

A brand of eco-friendly products made from natural materials. For the oral cavity, the catalog includes bamboo toothbrushes, cases and stands for them, scrapers for cleaning the tongue and silk dental floss, which are sold in a glass dispensary. After the end of the thread, you can order a new spool without a dispenser.

Where could I buy: Jungle Story, Golden Apple, Ozon, L’Etoile, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Republic

Spivak tooth powders


Soap factory with natural cosmetics. Here you can buy almost any skin care products. Tooth powder is produced for the oral cavity. It contains calcium carbonate, kaolin, as well as essential oils, which give the powder additional beneficial properties.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Golden Apple

Russian oral products: Asepta


A brand of a pharmaceutical company from St. Petersburg with products for complex oral care. The brand has three lines. Paradontal — disease prevention and oral care. Plus — for professional daily care, including for sensitive teeth. «Childhood» — gel pastes and dental wipes for children.

Where could I buy: Golden Apple, Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, L’Etoile, Pharmacosmetica

Smile Care toothbrushes

smile care

A small brand from the Kirov region. manufactures toothbrushes. There are models of different shapes and degrees of rigidity. You can even find an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush.

Where could I buy: Golden Apple, L’Etoile

Russian oral products: New pearls

new pearl

A brand of oral care products from the Nevskaya Kosmetika factory. You can buy toothpastes for children and adults, as well as mouthwashes with different flavors. As part of natural plant extracts with anti-inflammatory, firming, antibacterial properties. Products comply with GOST.

Where could I buy: Yandex Market, Ozon

Mi&Ko tooth cream


Russian brand of skin care cosmetics for the whole family. Produces products for the face, body and hair. The products are not tested on animals. For the oral cavity, the catalog contains tooth powders of various effects and flavors, as well as a concentrated whitening tooth cream.

Where could I buy: Mi&Ko, Ozon, Wildberries, Golden Apple

Russian oral products: Siberina


Brand products with a natural composition and COSMOS NATURAL and ECOCERT certificates. For the oral cavity, the brand produces gel pastes and powders. Powders are cleansing, whitening, firming. And some toothpastes have unusual flavors — for example, there is a taste of dark chocolate.

Where could I buy: Siberina, Ozon, Wildberries, L’Etoile

good dental floss


A Russian brand that produces oral products using German technologies and recipes. There are toothpastes with different tastes and functions, threads, brushes, mouthwashes, children’s pastes.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Wildberries, L’Etoile, Golden Apple, Yandex Market

Russian oral products: Svoboda


The old Moscow factory «Svoboda» produces toothpastes «Parodontol», «Ftorodent» «Family» and mouthwashes Svoboda.

Where could I buy: Ozon, Yandex Market


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