On the Google search page, through the «Tools» tab, you can filter the results by time and language, but you have to choose from ready-made parameters — you cannot set your own. With the extension with the funny name Choomame, this option appears.

After installing it, when you open google.com, a green box appears that you can move around the screen. It has two lines with filters that allow you to sort the output by time and language.

By default, the standard settings are displayed, but it is quite easy to assign your own through the extension icon in the toolbar. On the Time tab, you can specify the desired time frame for searching in years, months, weeks, days, hours, and even minutes.

On the Language tab, you can add multiple languages ​​to filter the output by the one you need in a particular situation. In Google, by default, we recall that only two options are available: all languages ​​​​and your native one.

The Choomame extension is completely free. You can download it from the official add-ons store.

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