USB Promoter Group has announced a new USB 4 Version 2.0 format. It will use the USB-C connector and will be able to provide a record bandwidth of up to 80 Gb / s. This is twice as much as the current version of USB 4 and even Thunderbolt 4.

Moreover, this speed will be supported, including with existing USB-C cables designed for 40 Gb / s. About this with reference to the official release writes The Verge. The information was confirmed by Joe Balich, a representative of the organization USB-IF.

Balic did not explain how this would be technically possible, but said that this advantage was a requirement when developing the new format. Details on how the signaling is carried out will be revealed after the release of the final specification until November.

USB 4 Version 2.0 will also likely include updates to enable faster speeds when using USB 3.2 — the USB Promoter Group promises over 20Gbps — as well as improved DisplayPort and PCIe support.


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