1. Frost Writer

A minimalistic text editor designed to enhance your creativity and ability to type quickly. All this is achieved through themes with soundtracks that help focus, as well as other features like productivity sessions with a timer. In addition to the mobile app, there is also a desktop and web version.

2. Neural Studio

A powerful photo-taking and editing application based on computational photography and neural network algorithms. With just one touch, you can take a night shot, remove an object from a photo, increase the resolution, and also generate any image from scratch by simply describing it with text.

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An interesting tool for fans of reading paper books, which will allow you to save quotes and favorite fragments of text. To do this, just point the camera at the page and select the desired lines. Saved quotes are sorted by book, where they are easy to find and reread.

4.Inst Calculator

A handy calculator that is useful for both ordinary needs and complex mathematical calculations. Expressions are visually displayed in handwriting, and the result is calculated instantly as you type. In the settings there is a choice of theme, keyboard type, tactile feedback and much more.


1. The House of Da Vinci 3

A new part of a series of puzzles in which you will play as a student of Leonardo da Vinci himself and will be able to touch the secrets of the ingenious mechanisms of the great master. Explore the world of the Renaissance, marvel at the wonders of mechanics, and meet key figures of the time along the way.

2. That’s a cow

Wacky, but even more fun platformer about a cow that moves on a milk jet. That’s a cow features excellent visual style and elaboration, a variety of game mechanics and addictive gameplay.

3. Pocket Skate

Arcade rides on a skateboard with nice graphics and responsive controls. In Pocket Skate you will find breathtaking stunts, charismatic characters and regular challenges that will diversify the gameplay and will not let you get bored.

4 Train Valley 2

A railroad manager simulator in which you can try yourself as an aspiring tycoon. To build a train empire, you will have to lay new tracks, buy locomotives to meet the growing needs of cities and industries, and deliver passengers and cargo on time.

5.Dr. Chatelet: Faith

Atmospheric adventure game about a young graduate of a medical university, offering you to plunge into the unforgettable world of medieval medicine and master the practices of that time. See if you can cure diseases by making decisions during surgeries and other procedures, and at the same time, learn the story of a rookie doctor unfolding before your eyes.

6. Automatoys

An interesting puzzle in which you have to understand the principle of 12 skillful mechanisms and guide the ball from start to finish. Each of the automatic toys is a clever mechanical obstacle course, the parts of which interact with each other according to special rules. Can you figure them out?

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