1. Blower

The device will help to quickly clean the lawn, garden paths and other surfaces from fallen leaves. Simpler models only blow out air — with them, the garbage collected in a heap will have to be removed manually. More advanced options additionally have a suction function, thanks to which the leaves are sent to the bag.

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2. Garden shredder

Before the onset of cold weather, trees and shrubs should be pruned. Instead of throwing away extra branches, you can use a shredder to process them into organic mulch. The resulting chips are useful for warming the soil around the plants.

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3. Covering material

Another way to protect plants from frost is the use of covering material. Cloths of special fabric will help to insulate not only the soil, but also tree trunks. When buying, you need to focus on the density of the product — the higher it is, the better.

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4. Grid or grate from rodents

So that hares, field mice and other rodents do not damage the bark of trees, the trunks must be wrapped with a garden net or trellis. In the warm season, these devices will also come in handy — they will save plants from damage by a lawn mower and trimmer.

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5. Covers for furniture

Covers will be needed if it is not possible to remove garden furniture into the room for the winter. Thanks to them, tables and chairs do not have to be cleaned of dust before the new summer season.

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6. Holders and boxes for garden tools

For storing shovels, rakes and other garden tools, special holders or stands seem to be useful. They do not have to be installed indoors — a dry place protected from rain under a canopy is also suitable.

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