What to buy from autumn clothes and where, we have already told. It’s time for shoe trends for fall 2022. We found something to please both fans of comfort and those who are looking for something new for their wardrobe.

Knee-high boots

Analysts’ predictions are unequivocal: this season we are waiting for an obsession with boots. And the higher the ankle, the better. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have already lit up in ultra-high over the knee boots to the middle of the thigh. Of course, such drastic measures are not necessary. Enough height to the knee. However, who will forbid you even higher! The trend itself is good, if only because the legs will be warm (and we approve of this). The shape of the boots may be different. The fall 2022 trends include 70s-style lacquer boots, embroidered Cossacks, and classic tube boots.


They are considered classic mid-season shoes, but this season they received a second wind in popularity thanks to the inspiration of designers with preppy style. Neat «school» boots were seen at the Miu Miu and Jil Sander shows. Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have already rushed to show their fans in their looks with loafers. Whatever you say, these are great shoes for the first days of autumn: closed, but still light. In addition, you do not need to rack your brains with what to combine loafers with. They look good with jeans, dresses and suits.

Platform shoes

Fashion trends still can’t forget Valentino platform shoes. This season, heels and platforms are almost everywhere: Bottega Veneta, Versace, Balmain and other fashion houses rushed to present their platform shoes. The form of Mary Jane (shoes with a jumper) was especially distinguished, which was repeated by several fashion houses at once. If you are interested in trying on a trend, but the fear of heights takes its toll, you can stop at less radical shoes on a small platform.

Shoes with fur

Acne Studios, Loewe, Off-White offer shoes with fur as fall 2022 trends. Moreover, it can be a modest edge or a complete finish of the product. Yes, fur shoes. And we even found a couple of such models (artificial material). Perhaps for the street such an undertaking may be doubtful. But for the office it will definitely be the most. This trend is more for lovers of experiments. On the other hand, when will it be possible to buy some cool fur pumps or sandals, m?


What is ideal for work and school days, especially when you need to catch up with the bus. Although high-tops and platform shoes have taken over the fashion trends, sneakers are not going to disappear from the attention of designers and influencers. What exactly the shape of the sneakers will be is up to you. It seems that the concept of «unfashionable sneakers» does not exist in nature now.


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