OpenRun Pro is the flagship model in the Shokz line of devices. These are open headphones that use bone conduction technology. Gadgets of this type transmit sound to the inner ear, bypassing the outer, allowing you to hear everything that is happening around. Thanks to this feature, the risk of injury is reduced, for example, during outdoor sports.

With a lightweight titanium headband, the OpenRun Pro can be worn with goggles and a helmet. They are securely fixed on the head, do not press and do not interfere with wires. Inside the headphones are CoreCushion bass amplifiers for rich bass delivery and two noise-cancelling microphones.

Images: Shokz / Lifehacker

The gadget is protected from dust from moisture according to the IP55 standard, so rain and sweat will not harm it, but OpenRun Pro is not suitable for swimming. The battery life is up to 10 hours. Headphones are fully charged in just an hour, and a quick recharge for 5 minutes will provide 1.5 hours of listening to tracks. Four colors are available to order.

Price: 19,349 → 11,609 rubles.


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