1. Flower pots in the form of animals

Ceramic pots are suitable for cacti, succulents and other small indoor plants. Available in different models: you can choose the option in the form of a cat, lion, corgi and others. The seller also offers a set of three products — so the price will be more profitable. The exact dimensions of each pot are indicated in the description.

Price: from 621 rubles.


2. Flower pot in the form of a llama

Unlike a lion or a corgi, a llama may not boast of bright colors, but still looks very cute. It is convenient that the pot comes with a suitable design pallet, into which excess water will drain through the holes in the bottom. The pot is made of ceramics.

Price: 644 rubles.


3. Flower pots in the form of dinosaurs

There are ceramic stegosaurs, triceratops, tyrannosaurs and other options to choose from — it will be easy to choose a dinosaur to your taste. A total of 23 products in different colors are available. Sizes are also optional.

Price: 1,125 rubles.


4. Flower pots in the form of cats

To make the cat look like a real one, it is worth planting a small cylindrical cactus in a pot. However, you can experiment and grow a fluffy «tail» from dense foliage. Pot size: 15.5 × 8 × 7 cm. The product is made of ceramic and covered with glaze. Available in two colors: white and green.

Price: 765 rubles.


5. Flower pots in the form of a girl

Plants in pots will be in harmony with the flower wreaths on the girls’ heads. Products are made of polymer resin — nothing will happen to them during transportation. Drainage holes are provided at the bottom. There are four variants of pots with a height of about 11 cm.

Price: 652 rubles.


6. Flower pot in the form of a polygonal figure

A bright red polygonal pot will decorate the room even without a plant. It is made of ceramic and has a hole in the base. The volume of the pot is 2 liters.

Price: 1,070 rubles.


7. Flower pot in the form of a cup

It is easy to confuse such a set with a tea pair — it will be a suitable option for kitchen decor. There is a drainage hole at the bottom of the ceramic pot. To prevent the cup from slipping, a special recess is provided on the pallet.

Price: 716 rubles.


8. Planter in the form of a cactus

Thanks to the planter, you don’t have to bother with replanting the plant — just place the old pot in a cute cactus. The product with a volume of 1 l is made of ceramics. Planter size: 16 × 13 cm.

Price: 449 rubles.


9. Cache-pot in the form of a bucket

The cache-pot measuring 17 × 14 cm is made of metal. It can be placed on horizontal surfaces or suspended. To do this, there is a handle with a wooden lining — just like on a real bucket.

Price: 249 rubles.


10. Cache-pot in the form of a disco ball

The surface of the planter resembles a disco ball: the mirror mosaic will reflect the light, casting beautiful reflections on the walls and ceiling. When ordering, you can choose products of different sizes and colors. Hanging chains are included.

Price: 753 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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