The Alice voice assistant has received several new features in the search application, which expand the list of scenarios for its use. Here are the main innovations:

  • «Alice» has learned to read pages aloud — she can read articles and recipes when your hands are busy. It is enough to say «Alice, read the page.»
  • Alice also has quick access to frequently used functions: for example, you can listen to music and switch your favorite tracks right in the Alice window. There you can also call contacts from the phone book — for example, by the command «Alice, call mom.» The assistant will specify right in the window which number to call if there are several.
  • The interface of «Alice» in the application has also changed. Now it adapts to different content, changing its shape and leaving more usable space on the smartphone screen.
  • Also, from the window with an assistant, you can quickly go to a chat with an assistant, to a smart camera, or see a complete list of skills.

New features are gradually becoming available on all devices with the Yandex search application.

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