The Jitter web application is useful for beginners and more experienced users to quickly collect animated images with text and pictures. Basic tools, as well as ready-made examples, will help you create complex transitions and movements.

To work in Jitter, you need to register an account so that your files and all changes to them are saved. You can start from scratch or use one of the templates in the Templates menu.

In Jitter, you can make an animated GIF or video with any aspect ratio that suits the format. It can be, for example, an equilateral square or vertical version for social networks. The size is specified manually in the appropriate fields or selected from the drop-down list next to the Format item.

Work in Jitter takes place in two areas: the assembly of all graphic elements (Design) and their animation (Animate). The top menu has a ribbon of tools for creating basic shapes, adding text, and uploading images.

On the left is a list of all layers added to the canvas (Layers). On the Animate tab, a scale is activated, which displays the layers and actions with them over time.

For each currently selected item, a set of available settings is indicated on the right. These can be, for example, sizes and locations for graphics, as well as styles, size, alignment, and color of labels.

Export the finished project with the Export button. In the settings of the final file, you can choose a resolution up to 2K with a paid subscription for $ 18 per month or up to 720p in free mode. Available in MP4 formats for videos up to 30 fps and GIF for animations up to 50 fps.

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