Warm, beautiful and durable outerwear, ay! We tell which Russian brands you can find immense down jackets, classic coats, comfortable jackets and what else your heart desires for warmth.


Where could I buy: TALVI, Lamoda, Yandex Market, Ozon

The St. Petersburg outerwear brand releases two collections every year: Autumn-Winter and Spring. Inside they are divided into different styles: city, sport and classic. Clothing is made from a fabric that does not allow moisture to pass through and protects from the wind. For the edge, eco-fur is used, and for insulation — fluff collected during the period of natural molting of ducks. Of the interesting in the catalog there are jackets for pregnant women. They are distinguished by a special insert, which increases the size of the product. After pregnancy, you can simply remove it and wear the jacket as usual.

country textile

Where could I buy: country textile

A workshop from Kostroma creates clothes and home textiles for the whole family. Based on natural materials: linen, nettle, muslin, hemp fabric, eucalyptus. Even buttons are made from recycled coconut shells. The section with outerwear includes quilted jackets: jackets, coats and vests. Under the order, you can choose the color and material of the top and inside. Many items are double sided. Sheep wool is used as a heater.

Only Me

Where could I buy: Only Me

The brand sews fur coats from eco-fur. The creators masterfully imitate the texture and look of real fur: sheepskin, mink, wolf, rabbit and others. At the same time, not a single animal suffers in the process of making a fur coat. Models are very different: short and ankle-length, with a hood and with a collar, classic and bright colors. If you don’t like any fur coat in the catalog, you can contact the designer. There you can choose the shape, length, details and color of the future fur coat.


Where could I buy: SHU, Lamoda

SHU releases two seasonal collections a year and several themed lines. All clothes are simple, versatile and functional. For the category of warm clothes, the brand creates winter jackets, raincoats, and windbreakers. The production uses technologically advanced membrane fabrics and eco-friendly DuPont™ Sorona® insulation as an alternative to natural down. Outerwear at SHU is designed in smart sport style.


Where could I buy: IMOCEAN, Lamoda

The Moscow brand creates things with the idea of ​​»comfortable femininity». In outerwear, the emphasis is on coats and down jackets, which should be both beautiful and comfortable for the Russian winter. For sewing down jackets, bio-down and membrane raincoat fabric are used. There are down jackets with buttons and belts, knee-length and below. Also in the catalog you can find jackets and vests for demi-season. The coat is sewn from mixed wool. The brand’s catalog may appeal to those who are looking for outerwear NOT black.


Where could I buy: Elis, Lamoda, Wildberries

The brand has several own clothing factories, including in Volsk and Rostov-on-Don. In addition to quilted jackets, there is a good selection of eco-leather jackets, as well as coats of different styles: classic, straight, fitted, cropped, robe and so on. Coats are made from different types of blended wool.


Where could I buy: Sela, Lamoda, Yandex Market, Ozon

Russian mass market for women and children. Outerwear is released during the season. There are quilted vests, leather jackets, down jackets, coats. A coat with a slight admixture of wool, and polyester and synthetic winterizer are used as insulation for quilted items. Therefore, most of the models are designed for demi-season or warm winter. What you can’t deny to the products of the brand is beauty and variety: there are both classic and sporty models, and even in several shades.


Where could I buy: Zarina, Wildberries, Ozon, Lamoda

Zarina grew up at the Pervomaiskaya Zarya enterprise, founded in 1964. In the brand’s catalog you can find any clothing from swimwear to panties. Outerwear is no exception. There are cool elongated quilted vests, leather jackets, coats. You can also find liner jackets that can be worn as an extra warm layer on especially cold days. It is easier to buy a coat within ten thousand rubles, but it should be borne in mind that there is very little wool in the composition (or not at all). For frost Zarina produces quilted jackets of different styles and lengths.


Where could I buy: Incity, Lamoda, Ozon

The brand is based on casual wear. Along with basic jackets and down jackets, things with unusual textures and shapes coexist. A green coat, a flowered jacket, a leather coat — you can find it here.

Be free

Where could I buy: Befree, Ozon, Lamoda

Outerwear is divided into three sections in the catalog: coats, jackets, raincoats. It is not easy to find a warm thing for severe frosts here. Sometimes there are down jackets filled with down and feathers. But for the demi-season and warm winter, there are many cool clothes for a small price. A particularly rich selection of raincoats, leather jackets and jeans.

Love Republic

Where could I buy: Love Republic, Ozon, Lamoda

Love Republic focuses on sexuality, including outerwear. There are many things made of leather, cropped jackets and coats of different styles. There are even fur coats made of faux fur. There are also regular quilted jackets and down jackets, but they are much smaller.


Where could I buy: O’stin, Wildberries, Lamoda

Creative design solutions are not about O’stin. A solid base and classics prevail here. You can buy a light quilted jacket, a parka, a coat with a small admixture of wool. Polyester is used for insulation, less often a mixture of down and feathers. Some products in the online catalog have a comfortable temperature regime.


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