A Google blog has announced new Android features, including the ability to send files to yourself via Nearby Share. They started testing it back in the spring, so the innovation, although pleasant, is quite expected.

Illustration: Google

Nearby Share lets you quickly share files between nearby Android and ChromeOS devices. In the next few weeks, you can use it to transfer files between your devices connected to the same Google account. When choosing devices for data transfer, your gadgets will be separated from other available ones.

Also, in the settings, you can enable automatic reception of files from your devices — then you will not have to confirm the transfer, even if the screen of the receiving gadget is locked.

In addition, gadgets on operating systems from Google are waiting for such innovations:

  • Larger Google Drive and Keep widgets will appear on tablets. The first will provide quick access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and the second will allow you to take a quick note right from your desktop.
  • The Gboard keyboard will learn to automatically add matching emoji to the text with the click of a button (for now only in English).
  • There will also be a host of new custom Emoji Kitchen stickers coming to Gboard. They look like a combination of two symbols (for example, a heart-shaped basketball).
  • Google Meet will allow you to watch YouTube videos and play classic board games like Uno in groups of up to 100 people during a call.
  • Also, Google Meet has the ability to customize which of the participants you want to see on the screen: for this, it is enough to pin their windows.
  • New notifications for the hard of hearing in an emergency: Vibrate, flash, and other alerts can be set to alert you to a fire or other issues that require immediate attention.
  • Tiles will appear on Wear OS — in fact, shortcuts from favorite applications that allow you to immediately jump to a specific action. For example, launching a Google Keep tile will allow you to immediately start dictating a note. The tiles menu will be opened with a swipe from the main screen.

All of these changes are expected across the Google ecosystem in the coming weeks.

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