1. Realistic starry sky projector

The Homestar Classic home planetarium reproduces the real night sky at home with 50,000 stars in the Milky Way and 10,000 other galaxies. This is much more than what can be seen with the naked eye within the city. The device imitates daily rotation and is able to reproduce shooting stars. All this makes the projection realistic and fascinating.

The device is powered by 220 V and is equipped with a timer to automatically turn off the device after 15, 30 or 60 minutes of operation. The tilt of the lens is adjustable.

Price: 18,700 rubles.


2. Projector of the starry sky in the form of a crystal

Astroplanetarium Discovery Star Sky P7 projects an image of the starry sky on the ceiling and walls. At the same time, the color of the backlight can be changed, choosing the most suitable one for the mood or situation. The brightness is also adjustable, there is also a projection rotation function.

The pluses include an attractive design in the form of a crystal. It will decorate any interior.

You can control the projector with the remote control. The device is powered by a built-in battery. A full charge is enough for about 12 hours of operation with one LED running and 6 with three connected. A charge from 0 to 100% can be replenished in 3-4 hours.

Price: 6,005 rubles.


3. Starry sky projector with two projection actions

The AstroEye astroplanetarium features high image clarity and support for additional features. It reproduces 8,000 stars and 61 constellations. They are on two different slides that come with the kit. Another gadget can show shooting stars and a change in the picture of the sky during the daily rotation of the Earth.

The projector is equipped with a timer. It is responsible for automatic shutdown after 30, 60 or 120 minutes and allows you to set the desired date and time and find out how the sky will look in the selected period.

The gadget is powered by three AA batteries.

Price: 5 990 rubles.


4. Projector of the starry sky with a compartment for oils

One of the main advantages of the Sega HomeStar Aroma planetarium is the presence of a waterproof case. He is not afraid of water splashes and high concentrations of moisture in the air, which means that the device can be taken to the pool or to the bathroom. But you can’t immerse him in water: he can’t survive this.

Another advantage is the presence of a compartment for aroma oils. It is located at the top of the body: add some warm water, a couple of drops of perfume and enjoy a delicious smelling cloud. Oils are not included, you will have to pick them up yourself.

The gadget displays 10,000 stars, finding friends is not difficult. It is powered by four AA batteries, which will last for about 4 hours of continuous operation. You will have to buy them yourself.

Price: from 4,700 rubles.


5. Projector of the starry sky with the voice assistant «Alice»

The AKENORI device combines three functions. Firstly, this is a projector of the starry sky, which will help you enjoy a charming picture without leaving your home. Secondly, the gadget can be used as a night light. Equipped with millions of colors of RGB lighting, it will color the room in warm yellow, mysterious purple, deep red or any other color. During the party, the function of automatically changing the color of the lighting will come in handy.

Thirdly, the projector also boasts a speaker, the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Tuya Smart, Smart Life and Yandex smart home systems. If you wish, you can manage it with the help of voice commands: the assistant «Alice» will fulfill any request. In addition, control is available from a smartphone and mechanical buttons located on the case.

The gadget is powered by electricity.

Price: 4,400 rubles.


6. Projector of the starry sky in the form of a soft toy

The model from Zazu is ideal for use in a child’s room. It is made in the form of a soft hedgehog and has advantages that will be useful to new parents. For example, with the help of a special sensor, the gadget is able to recognize the crying of the baby and turn on a soothing melody on its own.

The projector displays small stars on the ceiling in four different colors. The image will turn off automatically after half an hour of work: this will be enough for the child to examine the patterns and fall asleep. Requires three AA batteries to operate.

Price: 3,599 rubles.


7. Starry sky projector with built-in speaker

The device projects an image of the nebula, complete with stars, clouds and the moon. The color of the glow and the speed of rotation can be changed using the remote control, mechanical buttons or in the application. To play music through the speaker, the projector can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The projector is connected to the power source using the included USB cable.

Price: 1,974 rubles.


8. Projector-column

This projector will not show you real-life stars and constellations, but it will be able to decorate the room with drawings. So the device is useful for creating a romantic atmosphere, entertaining a child, or as an unusual decoration during a home holiday. Especially when you consider that the gadget also plays music from a smartphone connected via cable. The projector is powered by 220 V.

Price: 1,500 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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