In the process of working with a large amount of information, a solution is very useful, with which you can organize documents and quickly find the ones you need in various categories. The Dokkio service allows you to collect the contents of folders from cloud servers in one convenient control panel with search.

To get started, you need to create an account on the Dokkio website, as well as install the Sidebar browser extension. It will help you quickly activate the service tools from any open web page.

When setting up your account, you need to specify sources for collecting your files. For example, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and other online services. In addition, you can install the Dokkio application on Windows and upload documents from the computer’s local storage.

The collected information can be easily tagged for quick retrieval. These can be basic labels for individual documents and labels for entire categories. Separate lists are formed for tags, which are available in the menu.

On the main screen of your Dokkio account, areas are formed with statistics on all files, tags, categories, and source services. Here you can quickly find the documents you need at the moment.

While surfing the web, using the Dokkio Sidebar extension, it is easy to activate contextual search for words selected from the text that correspond to your documents. For web pages, tags also work, and you can also quickly take a screenshot of the specified area. The new site tag and the captured image are sent to a selection of labels and information sources on the main page of the service.

At the moment, Dokkio is free to use, but in the future there will be limits on the number of added sources (up to 10 pieces) and files (up to 20,000 pieces). The subscription will cost $10 per month.

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