Apple has finally released the final version of iOS 16, introduced in June. It is already available for all smartphones from the company, starting with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

What’s new in iOS 16

  • The design of the lock screen has been updated. Now you can use it to view the status of activity rings, check the weather or the charge level of connected devices.

  • You can switch between different lock screens, just like the watch faces on your Apple Watch. Different screens can be synchronized with focus modes to remove distractions.
  • A little later, live notifications or Live Activities will be added. This is a hybrid between a notification and a widget that updates over time and can show, for example, the progress of a food delivery by a courier or the result of a sports match.
  • In iMessage, you can edit an already sent message, as well as mark an incoming message as unread. In addition, in voice input mode, the keyboard remains open, which allows you to quickly correct something, and then continue dictation.

  • The «Online Text» feature now allows you to interact with the text in the video: just pause the video. Also, «Online Text» now supports a context menu for quick interactions.
  • Protection of hidden folders with photos has appeared — to access the “Hidden” and “Recently Deleted” sections in the standard Photos application, you will need to unlock your smartphone using Face ID, Touch ID or a password.
  • A completely new authorization method has been added — Passkey. The function is a digital key that replaces the password. To create it, you must confirm the entrance through a password that protects the device, Touch ID or Face ID.

  • Apple Maps now allows you to add multiple stops along a route.
  • Added a new weather app with visual graphs, trends and hourly forecasts.
  • The Home app has received a complete redesign with improved navigation.

  • There was a setting for delayed sending of e-mails in the mail.
  • Returned a constant display of the percentage of charge.
  • A separate settings item for AirPods has appeared in the system settings.

The full list of innovations can be found on the Apple website.

The release of iPad OS 16 this year was postponed, it may take place in October, after the second autumn presentation of Apple. But the new watchOS 9 has already begun to arrive on watches — starting with Series 4. It added new watch faces, a low power mode, more detailed sleep phase tracking, and several other improvements.


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