1. With rotating platform

A mop with a 300 ml tank is useful to clean up a 120 m² room. The length of the lightweight aluminum rod is 120 cm. Under the ergonomic handle is a spray button that is convenient to press with one hand.

The platform measures 36 x 12 cm. It rotates 360° and allows you to clean the floor under low furniture without unnecessary squats. A microfiber cloth is attached to the nozzle with strong Velcro, you will need to squeeze it out manually. When ordering, you can choose a set with one, two or four napkins.

Fast shipping available from Russia.

Price: from 814 rubles.


2. With trash can

This model is useful for wet cleaning, and will also replace a broom with a dustpan. At the base of the mop there is a roller brush that rotates and sweeps dry debris into the container. To carry out wet cleaning, you need to attach a removable nozzle with a microfiber cloth to the container.

The size of the platform is 41 × 13 cm. The length of the mop is 126 cm. The volumes of the tanks are not indicated in the description.

Price: from 1,334 rubles.


3. With rubber scraper

The scraper on the working surface of the mop will allow you to use this mop to clean not only floors, but also windows. The 120 cm rod has a pad that will prevent wet hands from sliding on the metal.

The water tank is designed for 320 ml.

Price: 990 rubles.


4. With large water tank

Model with a large reservoir of 700 ml. This volume is enough to clean 180 m² — it will be possible to wash the floors in all rooms without adding water. The size of the rotating platform is 39 × 11.5 cm.

The length of the metal rod with an anti-slip pad is 126 cm. There is a metal bracket on the handle, for which the mop can be hung on a hook during storage.

Price: 890 rubles.


5. With two tanks

The mop has two containers: for clean water and for detergent. The liquid from them is sprayed in turn — to do this, you need to turn the switch at the base of the tank.

The length of the rod is 121 cm. The set includes two microfiber cloths and a wall holder for storing a mop. There is no information about the volume of tanks in the description.

Price: 1,099 rubles.


6. With a brush

Along with the mop comes a special scraper that will help you quickly clean the microfiber nozzle from hair and other debris. To prevent the accessory from being lost, there is a special mount for it on the handle.

The length of the rod is 125 cm. The size of the platform is 40 × 12 cm. The volume of the tank is not indicated in the description.

Price: 1,716 rubles.


7. With a round nozzle

In addition to the rectangular one, the mop comes with a round nozzle with a diameter of 34 cm with a long fluffy pile. It will help to thoroughly clean the floor under furniture, in corners and other hard-to-reach places.

The width of the rectangular nozzle is 40 cm. The reservoir holds 420 ml of liquid. Rod length — 124 cm.

Price: 2 600 rubles.


8. With two nozzles

With such a mop, you don’t have to rub the floor — she will cope with this task herself. Two nozzles of the device make 1,000 revolutions per minute. The built-in 2000 mAh battery is fully charged via USB in 4 hours and provides an hour of battery life.

Rod length — 112 cm. The tank is designed for 300 ml of water. There are two colors to choose from: green and white. The seller also offers a mop without a sprayer.

Price: from 2,155 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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