Yandex taught Alisa how to announce tracks, tell what album the song was from, what year it was released, and also include other songs by the artist on request. To do this, you just need to say «Alice, turn on the DJ mode.»

So the assistant will announce the tracks before playing them. And when the usual music gets bored, you can ask «Alice» to put on something new, saying «Alice, turn on another version» — a live recording, remix or cover can start playing.

Also, «Alice» learned to understand more complex commands — for example, if you tell her «turn on the rock to the maximum», she can immediately turn on the desired volume, even if the user does not know what level is at the speaker.

And one more innovation — updating the scripts for the synchronous operation of all the «Stations» in the house. Now «Alisa» knows not only «turn on the music everywhere», but also «turn it on in the nursery» and «continue everywhere».

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