Apple intends to release A17 chips for the iPhone 15 Pro and M3 for Mac next year, developed on the 2nd generation 3nm process. They will be produced at the facilities of the Taiwanese TSMC.

According to Nikkei Asia, the Taiwanese factory will soon start implementing the necessary technology for the production of N3E chips, which will allow the production of A17 and M3 in the second half of 2023.

The N3E is an upgraded version of TSMC’s current 3nm technology that is just starting to be used this year. It offers better performance and energy efficiency, TSMC said at a recent technology symposium in Hsinchu.

The first version of the technology, N3, will power chips in the upcoming iPad line of tablets, the Japanese sources added. Tablets are expected this year.

Earlier it was reported that Intel wants to get access to new TSMC developments before Apple, but later the company postponed its plans for the new technology until 2024.

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