The Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared an updated concept of state policy for the development of Russian microelectronics until 2030. The document, excerpts from which Kommersant cites, lists the current problems in this area in Russia. Among them:

  • technologies lagging behind the world level by 10–15 years;
  • difficulties with the development of technological processes below 180 nm;
  • lack of production capacity;
  • critical dependence of design and production processes on foreign technologies, including software, and materials (in particular, high-purity chemistry and silicon);
  • inability to provide the market with the necessary electronics;
  • low investment attractiveness;
  • high cost of production of components in the Russian Federation;
  • acute shortage of personnel.

To remedy the situation, officials are suggesting that market participants coordinate research in the field of advanced technologies, increase production capacity, expand basic research and, in fact, create profile engineering from scratch, abandoning foreign architectures.

As a tool to achieve this goal, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to simplify the access of manufacturers to grants, subsidies and preferential loans. And after 2030, «the reborn Russian microelectronics will begin to expand into international markets.»


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