Along with iOS 16, Apple also released watchOS 9. At the presentation in June, they talked mainly about sports features and health-tracking capabilities, and with the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 8, they revealed an innovation that users have been waiting for years. This is a power-saving mode that doubles battery life without depriving the watch of all smart functions.

According to Apple, the battery life of the 8th generation watch will increase from 18 hours to 36 hours. Apple’s support page has a complete list of what the new mode affects.

Features Disabled in Power Save Mode

  • Always On screen.
  • Notifications for uneven heart rate, too high or too low heart rate.
  • Heart rate tracking in the background.
  • Monitor blood oxygen levels in the background.
  • Suggestions to start the workout.

Features Disabled in Power Saving Mode When Not Connected to iPhone

  • Connection to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet in LTE models.
  • Notifications for incoming calls and messages.

Functions Affected by Power Save Mode

  • Calls may take longer to run.
  • Apps are less likely to update content in the background.
  • Widgets update content less often.
  • Siri may take longer to process requests.
  • Smoothness of animations and scrolling may be reduced.

Apple notes that for user safety, fall detection continues to work even in power-saving mode.

Illustration: Apple

To enable this mode, swipe up on the watch face to open the Control Center and tap on the battery level icon. A button with a new mode will appear here.

Also, the watch will offer to turn it on when the charge level drops to 10%. Then it will automatically turn off when the watch is charged to 80%. You can also set it to automatically enter power-saving mode when you start a workout, allowing you to track your heart rate and pace while turning off unnecessary smart features.

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