The dress is a faithful vassal of the wardrobe, especially the autumn one. It can be worn over and under, combined with jackets and turtlenecks, worn to the office and to meetings with friends. We tell you what autumn dresses are relevant this season. And we show pretty options from Russian brands.

Transparent dress

Transparent dresses in their collections were shown by many designers, including Simone Rocha, Fendi. It would seem that it looks too light for cold weather. However, do not underestimate the transparent dress. It will help to create an unusual multi-layered image. Models without lining can be worn over a tighter dress, or even over a turtleneck and jeans. Another interesting trick for maxi-length models is to wear them with tight tights and an oversized long sleeve mid-thigh length. Well, transparent dresses with a lining are easy to insulate with a jacket or cardigan.

Leather dress

Leather items have already moved from trends to a basic warm wardrobe. But there are no fewer of them on the catwalks. This season, leather has been seen in the collections of Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Loewe. In cold weather, a leather dress will help keep you warm and will not require auxiliary decorations and additions. Although some styles allow it. For example, a sleeveless leather dress can be worn over a turtleneck or longsleeve. And the midi-length model will be well complemented by matching leather boots that will go under the hem. Warmly and visually stretches the silhouette.

Dress in the style of the 90s

The dresses of the 90s were characterized by a minimalistic, tight silhouette. They combined laconicism and sexuality. This season, it is proposed to include such autumn dresses in the wardrobe. Their main advantage is versatility. A 90s inspired dress is easy to pair with other pieces and never goes out of style for long. By the way, in the autumn trends of this year, the length of the maxi is in special esteem.

Shiny dress

You can not wait for the New Year holidays to put on sequins and sequins. Shining autumn dresses were demonstrated by Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Paco Rabanne. Incorporating glitter into your everyday wardrobe is easier than you think. The main rule is to add the most inconspicuous details (however, who will forbid breaking it, if you want). You can wear a plain turtleneck or blouse if the dress is sleeveless. Or wear a formal jacket or cardigan over it. In the event that neither one nor the other fits the dress, shoes will help out — rough boots, minimalist sneakers and sneakers.

Intricate knitted dress

Knitwear does not go out of fashion, only its appearance changes. A couple of years ago, everyone went crazy for minimalist knit dresses in pastel shades. This season, we offer to play a little and choose models with unusual prints or details. Inspiration can be found at Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney. Such a dress will not require additional accessories — the image will be interesting at the expense of itself. Bright details can be prints, cutouts in several places, or just an unusual cut of the dress itself.


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