Google has announced a major update to its Google Photos service. It brings a couple of new features and a number of modifications to the existing Memories mechanics.

With the Memories update, users will be able to watch more videos (including cuts from longer videos) that the service will automatically select and trim for them. Static photos will be displayed at a slight magnification. In October, the service will learn how to add instrumental music to some memories. If desired, users can hide images of specific people or time periods from memories. In addition, the following options will appear:

  • Movie Photo is a mode that will turn a selection of static photos into a video using 3D effects.
  • Styles — the ability to add graphics from professional artists to make the memory more vivid.
  • «Share memories» — the ability to send a link to a memory to friends or family so that they can view it from any device.

At the same time, new editing features were announced:

  • Collage editor with the ability to change frame styles and photo arrangement.
  • Right in the editor, you can change the brightness or contrast of images, or apply filters.
  • Google One subscribers and Pixel users will be able to apply Portrait Lighting or HDR effects, as well as access to 30 additional styles.

The Google Photos update has already begun rolling out to iOS and Android and will roll out to all users in the coming weeks. The only exception is the Share Memories feature, which is only available on Android for now, but will be coming to iOS and web at a later date.

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