1. With floral print

Double bed set with duvet cover, bed sheet and two pillowcases. Linen is decorated with unobtrusive floral patterns that will not bother. The reviews praise the kit not only for the quality, but also for the beautiful packaging. So linen can be bought as a gift.

Duvet cover measures 215 x 175 cm, sheets 220 x 200 cm, pillowcases 70 x 70 cm.

Price: 2,535 rubles.


2. Solid color print

The set is suitable for double beds. Pastel patterns are applied on the duvet cover and pillowcase, the sheet is plain. Such laconic linen will successfully fit into any interior.

The duvet cover is 215 x 175 cm, the bed sheet is 220 x 180 cm, and the pillowcases are 70 x 50 cm.

Price: 1,807 rubles.


3. Geometric

Lovers of bright accents will love this double bed set with colorful shapes and lines. There are no fasteners on the duvet cover and pillowcases. The sheet is supplemented with an elastic band — the linen will be tightly fixed on the mattress so that it does not move out.

Duvet cover 215 x 175 cm, sheets 220 x 200 cm, pillowcases 70 x 50 cm.

Price: 2,067 rubles.


4. Cartoon print

Cute children’s set with pony prints. The reviews note that the linen did not fade and did not become covered with spools even after a year of use. Also, buyers write that the fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch.

One-and-a-half set: duvet cover size — 215 × 145 cm, sheets — 214 × 150 cm. There is one pillowcase in the set, its size is 70 × 50 cm.

Price: 1,948 rubles.


5. Dinosaur print

Another cute option for a child’s bedroom. The sheet is decorated with star prints, the pillowcase and one side of the duvet cover are decorated with colorful dinosaurs. The sheet has an elastic band that will allow you to gently fix the linen on the mattress.

Duvet cover 148 x 110 cm, sheets 120 x 60 cm, pillowcases 60 x 40 cm.

Price: 1,009 rubles.


6. Striped

A set with a discreet striped print for bunk beds. It consists of a 215 x 145 cm duvet cover with a zipper and a 220 x 150 cm bed sheet. There are different types of pillowcases without closures: you can choose between 70 x 50 cm or 70 x 70 cm pillowcases.

Price: from 1,992 rubles.


7. Monochrome

A set without drawings does not shed, does not roll and is easy to iron — this is noted in the reviews. To order sets with duvet covers in three sizes are available: one and a half (215 × 145 cm), double (215 × 175 cm) and for euro beds (220 × 210 cm) Sheets are also different: 215 × 150, 215 × 180 and 240 × 220 cm. Pillowcases without fasteners in all sets of the same size — 70 × 50 cm.

Price: from 2,299 rubles.


8. Bicolor

With such a double set, you can change the color of the linen according to your mood. One side of the pillowcases and duvet cover is yellow, the other side is blue. The 260 x 240 cm sheet is completely yellow. Pillowcases without fasteners are suitable for pillows measuring 70 × 50 cm. The size of the duvet cover with buttons is 210 × 180 cm.

Price: 16 380 rubles.


9. With an ombre effect

This double set has an original design: due to the smooth transitions of white and purple colors, a beautiful ombre effect is created.

The dimensions of the duvet cover and sheet are 215 × 175 and 220 × 200 cm, respectively, the pillowcases are 70 × 70 cm. There are no fasteners on the duvet cover and pillowcases.

Price: 3 920 rubles.


10. Abstract print

One-and-a-half set consisting of fitted sheet, duvet cover with buttons and one pillowcase without fasteners. Linen has an interesting decor in the form of abstract patterns.

Duvet cover 220 x 160 cm, sheets 200 x 100 cm, pillowcases 70 x 50 cm.

Price: 4,560 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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