We have collected useful products for your beloved dogs. Some will amuse and entertain pets, others will make caring for them faster, more pleasant and comfortable.

Tooth cleaning toy

Tooth cleaning toy

Two in one — a funny bone and a toothbrush. The toy is made of soft material that will be comfortable for dogs to chew on. Thanks to the spikes, it cleans off plaque and helps maintain the health of canine teeth. Suitable for small and medium dogs.

Price: 239 rubles.


dog products: frisbee

The toy is made of durable yet soft thermoplastic rubber that won’t hurt your dog’s teeth. The plate bends, so it is convenient to carry it with you in a bag or backpack. Suitable for playing outdoors and at home. Can be used as a portable water bowl while walking.

Price: 417 rubles.



Fifteen for smart dogs. To get to the goodies, you have to think. The toy is made of safe plastic and can be easily washed from the remnants of treats with soapy water. Available in two colors: blue and pink.

Price: 970 rubles.

Hypoallergenic bed

goods for dogs: Hypoallergenic bed

Soft bed suitable for dogs prone to allergies. The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine. Available in three soft colors that will fit into any interior. The size of the bedding is 60 by 80 centimeters.

Price: 4,771 rubles.



Donut lounger in faux fur. Suitable for small dogs weighing up to five kilograms. The bedding is filled with holofiber, which lasts a long time and does not absorb odors.

Price: 920 rubles.

Car carrier

dog products: Car carrier

A solid folding house with a soft pillow included. Keeps its shape thanks to a reliable metal frame. Suitable for transporting dogs in the car.

Price: 10 325 rubles.

Collapsible bowl

Collapsible bowl

The collapsible bowl is made of safe silicone, which does not absorb odors and does not deform from temperature. When folded, it takes up minimal space. There is a carabiner to attach the bowl to your belt or backpack. Suitable for water and all types of food.

Price: 298 rubles.

drinking bottle

goods for dogs: Drinking bottle

350 ml bottle with a special drinking bowl. To pour water into it, you need to press a button. Unfinished water can be drained back. The size of the bottle is suitable for both small and large dogs.

Price: 850 rubles.

Set of bowls

Set of bowls

A real dining room for a pet. There are two bowls on a plastic stand — for food and feed. You can adjust the height of the table and the angle of inclination so that the dog is comfortable eating.

Price: 1,545 rubles.


dog products: bowl

A bowl with bulges helps the dog eat more slowly and not overeat. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Made from PVC. Available in several colors.

Price: 339 rubles.



The duck pouch clip does two things at once. First, closes the started pack. And secondly, it helps to measure the right amount of feed. The scoop includes from 40 to 80 grams of feed, depending on the variety.

Price: 146 rubles.

feed container

dog supplies: food container

The container holds 23 liters of dry food. It is very convenient to impose food to the pet thanks to the hinged cover. But the main feature of this product for dogs is compactness. The container can be folded and removed.

Price: 2032 rubles.

Rug under the bowl

Rug under the bowl

Waterproof dog paw silicone cloth. Protects the floor from food and water. Easy to wash. The rug does not slip on the floor, and the bowl on the rug thanks to the ribbed surface.

Price: 260 rubles.

Scoop for cleaning

dog supplies: cleaning scoop

Plastic scoop-tongs for cleaning excrement. You can use it just like that or put inside a special biodegradable bag.

Price: 267 rubles.

Pouch for sachets

Pouch for sachets

The rag cover for garbage bags can be attached to a backpack, belt or dog leash. Made from water repellent material. Available in several colors. Includes one roll of biodegradable bags.

Price: 113 rubles.

Luminous Collar

dog products: luminous collar

An irreplaceable thing for those who have to walk with a pet early in the morning or late in the evening. Thanks to the luminous collar, the dog will not be lost from view in the dark. The collar is USB charged and lasts up to 6 hours.

Price: 350 rubles.

Address book

Address book

A very useful product for dogs, which will help the pet not to get lost. A special sealed capsule is hung on the collar. Inside — all the necessary information about the dog and the owner’s contacts. The address tag has a convenient streamlined shape, so it does not interfere with the animal during walks.

Price: 479 rubles.

Boots for walking

goods for dogs: boots for walking

Silicone boots will protect the paws of the animal from dirt, moisture and harmful reagents. Easy to put on and do not fly off thanks to the Velcro fasteners. Can be worn as is or over warm socks. Available in several sizes and colors.

Price: 390–490 rubles.



The harness made of durable breathable material does not squeeze the paws and neck. Designed for small dogs. Velcro helps to adjust the harness to the animal. The set includes a one and a half meter leash to match the harness, which is attached to it with a reliable carabiner.

Price: 675 rubles.

Bow tie

goods for dogs: Harness with bow tie

Not just a harness, but a real dress suit. Made from soft material with breathable mesh lining inside. The fastener on the back makes it easy to put on the harness on the pet. The accessory is available in three sizes and is suitable for dogs weighing up to 8 kilograms.

Price: 295–320 rubles.


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