AliExpress has launched an autumn sale with discounts on a large number of goods, including electronics and home appliances. Among the current offers, the iLife V55 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is available for 9,000 rubles. The lowest price for it in Russian stores is 9,730 rubles. To receive a discount, use the seller’s coupon on the product page.

The model is capable of dry and wet cleaning. iLife V55 Pro supports five operating modes and a delayed start function. It has two filters: mesh for coarse dust and HEPA for fine particles.

The robot cleaner uses infrared sensors to navigate in space. It does not fall off the steps and does not damage interior items. Capable of picking up dirt, hair, fur and other debris, and removes stains with a microfiber cloth. For cleaning, you can set a specific area in the room, beyond which the device will not travel.

Image: iLife

iLife V55 Pro works for about 120 minutes offline. It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge. The volume of the waste container is 300 ml, the water tank is 180 ml.

The robot can move in a spiral, zigzag and evenly along the walls — to clean corners, as well as overcome obstacles up to 1.3 cm high. You can schedule a cleaning schedule for it by day of the week.

Price: 16,894 → 9,000 rubles with a seller’s coupon on AliExpress.


Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.


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