Spotify sent out a letter to some users urging those who use the music service on their Apple Watch not to install the watchOS 9 update. The company claims that the new version of the system does not allow you to listen to music without downloading to the device if the watch is not connected to a smartphone.

It is reported that within a minute after the track is turned on, the sound disappears, but the playback indicator continues to move. Restarting or updating the application does not improve the situation.

The problem is observed both when connected to Wi-Fi, and when using LTE. Only streaming playback from the watch stops working: you can still turn on tracks from the device’s memory or control playback from your smartphone.

If you regularly stream Spotify from your watch, don’t update to watchOS 9 if possible. Apple has already released watchOS 9.1 beta to developers, and there are reports that the app works correctly in that version.


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