Russians began to spend more time on YouTube. If since the beginning of the year the daily indicator has remained stable and amounted to 84 minutes, then in July the average time spent watching the video service increased to 87 minutes, and in August to 88 minutes. Year-on-year, coverage has grown from 41.3 million to 48 million, Kommersant writes with reference to a recent Mediascope report.

This growth is associated with the desire of some Internet users to “isolate themselves from the news agenda” on television. Also, the influx of users is provided by the audience of social networks that have ceased to work in the country or are limited in functionality. Some users have begun to turn to YouTube more often to search for old films that have disappeared from Russian online cinemas.

Experts believe that despite the claims of the Russian authorities to content on YouTube, the likelihood of its blocking in the country is quite low due to the lack of full-fledged alternatives.

Do you watch YouTube? How much time do you spend on video? Write in the comments.

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