1. With two temperature modes

The Zanussi fan heater is designed for space heating up to 20 m². A small device measuring 17 x 17 x 11.5 cm can be placed by the bed or on the table. The laconic design will not irritate and draw attention to itself.

A ceramic heating element is installed inside, capable of operating in two modes: at a power of 750 or 1,500 watts. The thermostat will maintain the temperature at the set level. The fan heater will automatically turn off if it tips over or overheats.

Price: 2,090 rubles.


2. With remote control

A miniature device measuring 18 × 11 cm is inserted into the socket. Power — 500 watts. This is not enough to heat the entire room, but if you install it near the desktop, then your hands will not freeze.

The temperature is adjustable from 15 to 32 °C. Two fan speeds are also available. Another useful feature is the automatic shutdown timer after a set time. You can control the settings using the buttons on the case or the remote control.

Price: 1,024 rubles.


3. Backlit

The model is similar in design and function to the previous one. The heater also has a power of 500 W and works directly from the outlet. The difference is the built-in backlight, which creates the effect of a burning flame when it works. There is a timer to turn off at a predetermined time. Comes with a control panel. Instrument size: 7.1 × 4.2 × 2.6 cm.

Price: 1 349 rubles.


4. With swivel body

The fan housing from Xiaomi rotates 45 ° — so the heat is distributed more evenly. Rotation can be turned off if needed. The model runs on a power of 600 watts. It also supports blowing mode without heating.

Touch control buttons are located in the upper part of the case. If the appliance accidentally tips over, the automatic shutdown function will be activated. Heater size: 18.8 × 13.2 cm.

Price: 2,362 rubles.


5. With handle

The size of the model with a power of 500 W is 14.2 × 14.1 × 10.1 cm. There is a place for such a gadget even on a table cluttered with office equipment. It is recommended to use the device in rooms with an area of ​​10–20 m².

The fan heater starts to work in full force in just 3 seconds after switching on. The model supports only one temperature regime, but which one is not indicated in the description.

On top there is a carrying handle made of pleasant to the touch silicone. There are three colors to choose from.

Price: 893 rubles.


6. With hand warmer

With such a fan heater, it will be possible to warm your hands, even when the device is turned off. A small removable module is attached to it with a magnet, which accumulates heat while the device is in operation. It acts as a heating pad and maintains a temperature of 50 ° C, gradually cooling down over 40-50 minutes.

The fan heater operates in one mode and has a power of 400 watts. Its size: 14.9 × 14.4 × 12.8 cm.

Price: 1,970 rubles.


7. Cute design

A teddy bear fan heater is a suitable option for a child’s room. It has a folding leg at the back, which will prevent the device from tipping over if it is accidentally touched.

Heater power — 400 W. Size — 18 × 14 cm. One temperature regime is provided.

Price: 657 rubles.


8. USB powered

The 12.1 x 7.4 x 3.5 cm fan heater looks like a regular power bank. It can be stored in a desktop drawer or carried in your pocket to keep warm anywhere.

The metal leg-stand will help to establish the device on a table. Heater power — 200 W. Choice of different color models with mains or USB power.

Price: 1,037 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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