Summer waves its hand until next year, cotton shorts and linen dresses go to the mezzanine. Now the place in the closet will be occupied by coats — our autumn favorites. Whether you want to be the enigmatic madam in a toe-length coat or the fun-loving girly one in a bright plaid coat, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit. We collected cool women’s coats of Russian brands.

What to look for when choosing a coat


If you are looking for a lightweight mid-season coat, you can choose from polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Polyester wicks moisture away from the body well, and this material is also not heavy. Be careful with things with acrylic in the composition — it softens the fabric, but can roll.

To find a warmer model, you will have to study the composition. The more wool it contains, the warmer the women’s coat. However, wool not only warms, but also makes the thing heavier. In addition, it is quite prickly if there are no impurities in the composition that will soften the fiber. When putting on a coat, remember that wool loves to absorb odors.

Single or double breasted coat

In a single-breasted coat, the left and right sides overlap each other less than in a double-breasted coat. Although it seems that thanks to this, the body in a double-breasted coat is better closed from wind and cold, the difference between such women’s coats is more aesthetic. Double-breasted models tend to cost more than single-breasted ones, as they require more fabric to make.


The price of the coat also depends on the presence of the lining. Its importance should not be underestimated. It reduces friction and hides the seams, which will help the coat last longer. In addition, the lining creates an additional layer of protection against the cold, albeit a small one. It is worth paying attention to its composition no less than to the composition of the coat. The lining absorbs friction from the body and can deteriorate faster. It is better if it consists of 100% polyester, as it is a durable material.

And here are the coats!


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