After the announcement of new Apple smartphones, Android developers quickly adopted notifications in Dynamic Island. The first similar solutions were shown just a few days later, and now a completely finished application has appeared on Google Play that imitates the new iPhone interface.

We are talking about the dynamicSpot utility, which is still in early access, but anyone with a compatible smartphone can install and test it. The program allows you to receive notifications and status data in a small area at the top of the screen.

Such an «island» can be customized by changing its shape, size and position. By default, it is displayed in the center, but it can also be shifted to the left or right — to the selfie camera. dynamicSpot detects the presence of a photo module and allows you to display data both on the sides of it, and only on one side.

You can open the notification by pressing and swiping to dismiss it. All of this can be customized. You can also select only certain applications, notifications from which should go to the «island».

The application is free and the basic functions are available to everyone, but there are also paid features. For dynamicSpot to work correctly, you must provide all the necessary rights, including full access to notifications.

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