1. Set of six cleaners

The set contains all the necessary cleaning products: you don’t have to buy anything else. Azelit kitchen cleaner will cope with grease, soot and soot on dishes, microwave ovens, multicookers, deep fryers and grills. Gloss removes soap stains and rust. It is useful for washing the glossy surfaces of bathtubs, showers, sanitary ware and tiles.

Antibacterial G-oxi is designed to remove stains from furniture and carpets. The material can be anything — wool, cotton, synthetic fibers. Also for furniture, but already wooden, the set includes Torus cleaner-lacquer. It restores surfaces, removes dirt, forms a thin protective film.

Remove unpleasant odors and stains from the floor with the help of Arena detergent with a polishing effect. It is safe to use when washing laminate, lacquered and not only parquet, natural stone, tiles.

When cleaning, do not forget about mirror and glass surfaces. Get rid of fingerprints and streaks with Clean Glass cleaner, which not only cleans, but also prevents condensation from forming. It washes off easily and leaves no streaks.

As a gift, the seller puts in a set a roll of 40 garbage bags with a volume of 30 liters each.

Price: 1,034 rubles.


2. Refrigerator washing gel

The gel is useful for washing ordinary and auto-refrigerators, freezers, heat chambers. It is also suitable for plastic surfaces. The product eliminates unpleasant odors, hydrogen peroxide in the composition kills microbes. On plastic — reduces yellowness and prevents the appearance of new stains. It is convenient that the gel does not need to be washed off.

Price: 124 rubles.


3. Descaling liquid

The liquid can be used with almost any appliance: washing machines and dishwashers, kettles, coffee makers, irons. The product removes scale and helps to increase the life of the appliances. And it also reduces energy consumption, because it is much easier for a gadget without scale to work correctly.

Price: 117 rubles.


4. Adhesive remover

The tool will easily remove traces of glue, soot and soot from any objects and surfaces. It is necessary to apply it to the treated area, rub it lightly and leave for 5-10 minutes. After that, it is enough to remove the remnants of the product with a dry cloth or sponge.

Price: 474 rubles.


5. Sanitary cleaner

Cleaner with antibacterial effect eliminates mold, rust, limescale and unpleasant odors. With its help, it will be possible to restore the original appearance of faience and acrylic plumbing, tiled walls in the bathroom and toilet.

Price: 164 rubles.


6. Mold killer

Spray for cleaning in the bathroom, shower and toilet. It is especially useful for those who regularly have mold in the joints between plumbing and walls, in tile joints. The tool destroys the fungus and permanently protects against re-infection.

Price: 347 rubles.


7. Dishwashing liquid

Gel with aloe flavor is suitable for washing dishes, including children’s. It copes with its task even when using cold water, removes food debris, frozen greasy stains. You can also use the product when washing fruits and vegetables. It will remove dust, dirt and wax film.

Price: 789 rubles.


8. Fat remover

Old grease drops should disappear after the first cleaning with Unicam. They can also effectively wash dishes: pans, pots, ladles and lids with greasy sides and burnt dirt.

Price: 199 rubles.


9. Floor liquid

The liquid is useful for washing floors made of wood, stone, tiles and other materials. It will be possible to remove stains from the surface and protect it from the appearance of mold. The product can be used during manual cleaning and poured into a washing vacuum cleaner. The liquid does not need to be rinsed off.

Price: 340 rubles.


10. Leather cleaner

Furniture made of natural and artificial leather requires special attention and care. Remove dirt, restore softness to the material and prevent the appearance of cracks with this spray.

It cleanses, neutralizes static electricity, renews and restores the natural look of the skin. With it, armchairs, sofas, car seats will always be like new. Bags, shoes, belts and other leather goods can also be cleaned with this product.

Price: 544 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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