Sometimes the interior of a room lacks just one small detail to become perfect. We collected Russian decor stores that offer a variety of little things to decorate your home. Stained glass windows from Karelia, jute baskets from a family workshop, meditative mobiles and much more in one collection.

candles nõtem


A family brand of eco-friendly candles and home decor from Moscow. Here you can find beautiful candles in the form of sculptures, as well as ceramic saucers and coasters for jewelry and incense. Candles are handmade from soy wax. Many models have several colors to choose from.

Where could I buy: nõtem, Ozon, Golden Apple, Republic

decor stores: Kinetic Levi

Kinetic Levi

A decor store that makes handmade interior mobiles. The creators of the brand conceived them as a decoration for any space, from nursery to office. For manufacturing, natural materials are used, mainly different types of wood and metals. The catalog contains hanging and table mobiles of a wide variety of geometric shapes.

Where could I buy: Kinetic Levi, Ozon

Sugarpine ceramics


A ceramics workshop founded by graphic designer Katya Belyaeva. The catalog contains decor and utensils. There are candlesticks, stands for aroma sticks, vases, saucers for jewelry. The color range of products is designed in pastel shades of beige, pink, blue, brown.

Where could I buy: Sugarpine

decor stores: HEIS


The brand creates closed ecosystems and florariums with live plants. They require almost no care, only occasional watering. The catalog contains ecosystems with different plants and different sizes. You can also buy a florarium care kit, fertilizers, live moss and vases for growing avocados. The only problem is delivery only in Moscow.

Where could I buy: HEIS

jute baskets FIELD


Jute products are created in the brand’s workshop. The description indicates how much the product is designed for. And in the social networks of the brand, you can see how products are created. For the home, the catalog contains wicker baskets of various sizes, from oval for small items to large ones with a lid for linen. You can even buy a wicker cradle for the baby. It has handles to make it easy to carry your baby.

Where could I buy: Field, Golden Apple

decor stores: Arny Praht

Arny Praht

Russian brand with a century of history. In 1920, Heinrich Pracht founded a small hat artel in the city of Marksstadt. In 2014, a descendant of Heinrich Vlad Praht created the Arny Praht brand in St. Petersburg on the basis of a family production. It produces bags and backpacks. But there is also an Arny Home section with useful interior items. Here you can buy tablecloths, coasters, baskets and organizers. All in the minimalistic style that distinguishes the brand.

Where could I buy: Arny Praht, Ozon

jute baskets Choli Jute

Choli Jute

A very nice family workshop founded by Natalia Putra and her mother Olga. Here they create products for the house from jute. The catalog includes serving plates, baskets, coasters, planters. And in the social networks of the brand there are visual tips on how to use products in the interior.

Where could I buy: Choli Jute

decor stores: OMINIMALISM


The brand from St. Petersburg creates products for the home from concrete, ceramics and metal. By the name you can understand in what aesthetics they are sustained. The catalog contains vases, bathroom shelves, planters, stationery cups, boxes, shoe stands and much more. Black, gray and white color of products emphasizes their structure.

Where could I buy: OMINIMALISM

rugs Vyatka weaving workshop

Vyatka weaving workshop

The brand was founded by Galina Nekrasova from Kirov. She handcrafts rugs, tapestries, baskets, and handbags from knitted yarn, recycled linen, cotton, and jute. They look like they’re in the old style. Galina also enjoys teaching the art of weaving. The brand’s website has video tutorials, as well as the necessary tools, including a loom.

Where could I buy: Vyatka weaving workshop

decor stores: Yashka & Derevyashka

Yashka & Derevyashka

Decor store with wooden products for the interior. Here you can buy wall hooks, storage boxes, coasters, saucers, garlands. All natural wood: walnut, ash, oak. Some products are already sold with design. Others can be customized to suit your home.

Where could I buy: Yashka & Derevyashka

stained glass windows GLASSCRAFT


Family workshop of stained glass and glass mosaics. Works in Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg. You can order a little thing from the catalog or place an individual order. The catalog includes wall clocks, decorative vases, lanterns, candlesticks. Residents of Petrozavodsk, by the way, can not only buy the product they like, but also sign up for a master class on Tiffany stained glass and mosaics.

Where could I buy: GLASSCRAFT

decor stores: LOKO INTERIOR


A small brand from Krasnoyarsk founded by Olga Loveiko. Creates hanging hammock chairs for the home. Some chairs fold out and turn into full-fledged hammocks. The catalog has several configurations and colors of chairs.

Where could I buy: LOKO INTERIOR


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