At I/O 2022 in May, Google announced a new tool to make it easier to remove search results that contain your contact details and other personal information. Now, a few months later, it is finally being implemented. 9to5Google writes about it.

Users began to report about the beginning of distribution of this tool. They discovered its appearance in the Google app on Android. It is called «Results about you» (Results about you) and is available in the profile menu by clicking on the avatar in the upper right corner.

Screenshots: 9to5Google

This new menu item takes you to a page that explains how you can ask Google to remove search results that contain a phone number, home address, email address, or other personal information. Your data found in the issue will also be there.

By clicking on the ellipsis to the right of each result, you can go to the delete option. Google will ask you for a reason and then show the status of your request (Approved or In Progress).

Google has previously noted that takedown requests evaluate all content on a web page so that the disappearance of some information does not restrict access to other useful information, for example, in news articles. And, of course, removing contact information from Google search does not remove it from the web.

The manual removal tool has just begun to spread. If you urgently need to delete your data, you can now submit a request from this page, which details Google’s privacy policy.

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