1. With inscriptions

The set includes three pairs of high socks, decorated with provocative inscriptions. If you are not afraid of the increased attention of others, feel free to complement your image with such socks. They are made of cotton, the size is single — 36-39.

Price: 395 rubles.


2. With faces

The set consists of seven pairs of gray socks with drawings of faces. Each expresses a certain emotion: you can choose a pair for your own mood. Material — cotton with the addition of polyamide and elastane.

There are many sizes — from 36 to 47 inclusive.

Price: 1,699 rubles.


3. With pigeons

In such socks, you will want to visit more often to show everyone these cool pigeons with a bread crust around their necks. Thanks to the wide elastic band, the socks will not slip and will not allow the ankles to freeze.

The composition contains cotton, polyamide and elastane. Sold in two sizes: 36-41 and 41-45.

Price: 314 rubles.


4. With lazy cats

Socks with cats that are not nervous and are not in a hurry are the perfect totem animals. But the pair is good not only with a print. It has a dense elastic band and a good composition, in which there is both pleasant to the touch cotton and polyamide and elastane responsible for elasticity.

Available in sizes 36 to 44 inclusive.

Price: 199 rubles.


5. With cheeky cats

Relaxed cats that do «hoba!» and do not hesitate. The materials included in the composition are already familiar to everyone: cotton, polyamide and elastane. And the sizes are still the same: 36-41 and 41-45.

Price: 314 rubles.


6. With abstract patterns

A set of three pairs of socks sold in one size 35-39. Socks with bright patterns are suitable for those who want to add color to the image, but at the same time do not like or do not want to choose models with animals or inscriptions.

Price: 499 rubles.


7. With ducklings

If you are a duck lover, then we have found the right pair for you. The high socks are adorned with multi-colored birds: standard yellows, unexpected reds, fake blues, and more. In total, the seller offers 16 options to choose from.

The composition is standard: cotton, elastane and polyamide. Two sizes: 36-41 and 41-45.

Price: from 233 rubles.


8. With fish

Four pairs of socks, including two with foamy drink, one with fish and one decorated with pretzels. All prints are bright and fun, able to add color to the most rainy day.

Buyers are available in two sizes: 39-41 and 45-47.

Price: 799 rubles.


9. With food

Whether it’s ice cream, burgers, scrambled eggs or whatever, there’s five pairs of socks in the set, there’s something for everyone. The size is uniform and will suit owners of 36-45 foot sizes. Another store also sells a pair of french fries.

Price: from 770 rubles.


10. With mistletoe and foxes

One pair is made in red and complemented by a small branch of mistletoe, the second — black with a red heel — is decorated with foxes and the same mistletoe. Size — 36-39. Lurex has been added to the usual composition.

Price: 299 rubles.


11. With animals

High top white socks with funny animal prints will add playfulness to any look. The set consists of five pairs. You can choose from size 36-41 or 41-45.

Price: 1,079 rubles.


Please note: All prices are valid at the time of publication. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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