Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature — when a dynamic panel with notifications and controls is drawn around the front camera on the screen — did not remain exclusive to Apple smartphones for long.

An alternative has already appeared on Android — dynamicSpot. The program allows you to display messages from instant messengers, notifications, player buttons and other nice little things on an automatically adjusting panel around the camera, like Apple does.

One Stop Radio

This application contains more than 65,000 radio stations from two hundred countries. They are sorted by genre and popularity, and it will not be difficult for you to find programs to your liking.

The interface of the application is convenient and nice. In addition, OneStop Radio can search for stations close to you using geolocation and turn on scheduled broadcasts, so the program can also be used as an alarm clock.

cap cut

A simple video editor that allows you to edit videos directly on your smartphone. CapCut has the ability to cut and paste video fragments, apply filters, stickers, colors, text and music, speed up and slow down the picture, and so on. It is unlikely that it will be possible to do something serious in it, but it is quite possible to prepare a short video for social networks.

jumping phone

Pretty useless but fun app. It uses your smartphone’s position sensors to detect when it’s shaking or falling. And if your device suddenly ends up on the floor, it will make a sound of your choice: a panic cry, a siren, a buzz, or something else like that.

The main thing when you check the operation of the program, drop the phone on a soft sofa, and not on a tiled floor.

MJ PDF Reader

MJ PDF Reader is an open source PDF reader with a simple interface. It weighs very little and works fast. It can open links to PDF files from your web browser and remember where you left off if you want to read books in it.

MJ PDF Reader does not offer any paid features, advertising, subscriptions or premiums. An excellent contraption for those who are fed up with the obscenely swollen Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Trotteo is a travel organizer that helps you plan flights and transfers from city to city. Send your ticket purchase emails to Trotteo, and the program will automatically create a timeline — what day you arrive at a particular place, when you should leave it, and so on.

If you have several flights, the application will not let you get confused. In addition, you can store your documents, registration numbers, hotel addresses, tourist routes and so on in Trotteo.


A time tracker designed to help you make the most of your free time. You create multiple timers, assign them tags, sort them into categories, and name them. For example, «Sports», «Work», «Playing the guitar», «Drawing», «Hobby» and so on — depending on what you want to do.

And when you get down to business, activate the one you need and track how much time you devote to a particular activity. The program shows detailed statistics and allows you to set goals and monitor their implementation. That is, if you want to spend at least six hours a week running or sculpting, Pivot will allow you to carve out a minute for this.


Roach Race

A platform game created by CD Projekt RED in which you play as Roach. Yes, for the very horse of the witcher Geralt. Roach embarks on a long journey across the continent, exploring complex but beautiful 2D locations like Kaer Morhen, Novigrad and Skellige, and picking up treats like apples and carrots along the way.

In this case, the horse will have to have time to dodge monsters — there will be no Geralt nearby who can protect it. The game is made with humor — on the screen saver, in particular, Roach is depicted stuck in the roof of a village house — her standard position in the third «The Witcher».


You may be familiar with the sensational game Wordle — a puzzle game where you have to guess the words. Despite the simplicity of the idea, it gained considerable popularity. DaKookdle is a copy of it, but with one feature — here you have to guess not one, but two words at once. The game will appeal to those who study English and want to expand their vocabulary.

Sniper Zombie 2: Crime City

A shooter in which you have to shoot zombies with a sniper rifle from a safe distance while moving around the map. The game has more than a hundred story missions and a lot of weapons. You can play both offline and online with other players. Show them who is the best zombie hunter in town.

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