A useful program that will help get rid of back and neck pain during long work at the computer. Stretchy will tell you when it’s time to warm up, pick up exercises depending on how you feel and show you how to perform them. You will only have to follow the instructions.

2.Lock Screen Headline

An interesting utility for displaying various information in a widget on the lock screen. In the top line, you can place stock quotes or exchange rates, a countdown timer to some event, fitness data, as well as just any emoji and text.

3. Only Reminder

Minimalistic reminders with a nice design that are not overloaded with unnecessary features and just tell you what to do. Add tasks with or without a due date, then view them as a feed sorted by date.

4. Busy

An unusual calendar with a kanban board interface that all users with a busy schedule will appreciate. Thanks to the drag and drop mechanism, tasks can be moved between days, easily adjusting the schedule on the go. For a more convenient visual perception, events are distinguished by color depending on the time period.

5. Captionista

A handy application for video content creators that allows you to easily add subtitles and any text comments to videos. Available settings include style, cue timing, cue splitting and merging, zoom, readability tips, and more.


1.Pack Highway

A new part of the popular arcade racing series with more realistic graphics and slightly different gameplay. This time you do not leave the police chase, but ride around the city, collecting accelerations, after which, like a battering ram, demolish everything in your path.

2. Escape Z Town

This thrilling X-COM-inspired turn-based combat RPG is all about survival in a zombie-infested city. Despite their cartoonish appearance, they are very dangerous enemies, which can be dealt with only by competently using the abilities of your squad members and collecting the necessary supplies.

3. Sleepin’ Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply

A surreal puzzle action game about a guy who is stuck in his crazy dream and can’t get out. In each of the stylized levels, full of references to well-known pop culture phenomena, you must complete an obstacle course or solve a mystery in order to wake up the protagonist in the end.

4. Between Portals

Minimalistic puzzle labyrinth about travel in space. In the game, you will explore the Universe, collecting samples and various information along the way. Make the longest possible path through the intricate passages with portals and traps to complete all the tasks on the levels.

5. Oakmar

An entertaining platform game with a colorful visual style that tells about the adventures of a living acorn. Each location has mini-games, easy tasks, and hidden secrets that motivate you to explore the environment, looking around every corner.

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