1. Curtain

The accessory will protect the interior of the car from the scorching sun and make the environment inside much more comfortable for the child. And bright drawings will help to captivate the little traveler at least for a while. The curtain is mounted on magnets, does not move or fall during movement. Available to order in two designs.

Price: 218 rubles.

2. Belt pad

A well-rested child is the key to a smooth journey. At least for a while. Getting a sound sleep in the car is not so easy, but in general it is possible. And this will help a special overlay.

It is fixed on the seat belt with Velcro and replaces the soft travel pillow. Inside there is a padding polyester, outside there is a removable cover that is pleasant to the touch.

Price: 265 rubles.

3. Napkin holder

When traveling, a pack of napkins should always be at hand. Especially when there are small children among the passengers.

This organizer looks no different from an ordinary cute soft toy with which a child can have fun on the road. However, inside the accessory is a compartment for paper towels, napkins or toilet paper. The compartment closes with a zipper to keep the contents from falling out. Delivery is paid and will cost 32 rubles.

Price: 787 rubles.

4. Bottle warmer

The accessory will surely be appreciated by parents traveling with a baby. Inside the heating pad there is a foil layer, which allows you to keep the temperature of the contents of the bottle longer. If necessary, you can also heat formula or milk directly in it — just connect the cable to the power source. They can serve as a USB connector in the cigarette lighter splitter, or a power bank.

Price: 721 rubles.

5. Convertible backpack

In a matter of minutes, the backpack turns into a crib. When traveling, the accessory will provide the child with a separate bed, and you do not have to take bulky furniture with you or somehow contrive so that the baby can sleep comfortably.

In addition, the backpack is equipped with a mass of pockets and compartments that will fit everything you need: from toys to formula bottles and spare diapers.

Price: 1,766 rubles.

6. Mirror

An additional mirror is designed to increase visibility in order to see the entire rear seat. Thanks to him, parents will be able to monitor the child without turning around.

The mirror comes with a clip and a suction cup holder. A suitable mount is selected depending on the installation location of the mirror.

Price: 312 rubles.

7. Organizer

The organizer is attached to the back of the front seat and helps to provide the child with everything necessary. So, here you can put a bottle of water, snack containers, napkins and a lot of other necessary things that will always be at hand.

It is convenient that a small folding table is also built into the organizer. It will turn out to have a bite to eat, and draw, and place a tablet with your favorite cartoons.

Price: from 770 rubles.

8. Water soluble markers

Water-soluble markers are the best for on-the-go use. If suddenly, while drawing, the child got carried away and, along with the paper, also covered the seat upholstery with patterns — it does not matter. The writing can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. And if it is not at hand, then you have to wait from a week to two, and then the traces will disappear on their own.

Price: from 55 rubles.

9. Cigarette lighter splitter

The splitter will add two cigarette lighter sockets and two USB ports for recharging gadgets. Thus, it will turn out to connect the DVR, simultaneously recharge the tablet and warm the bottle with the mixture for the baby.

Price: from 577 rubles.
Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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