The action of the nineteenth novel by Viktor Pelevin takes place in a universe familiar to readers from the previous book «Transhumanism Inc.» Mankind has managed to achieve digital immortality, but eternal life in the virtual world is available only to the elite.

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The protagonist of «KGBT+» is a show business star who collects stadiums. On the pages of the novel, the “great beater” tells in detail the story of his own success, shares events from his past with a young performer and gives practical advice that will help him survive difficult times in real life.

You won’t be able to buy a new novel by Viktor Pelevin separately — the book is available only to LitRes subscription holders. Having issued it for a month for 399 rubles, you can take «KGBT +», add two more books from your personal selection and get a 10% discount on the entire catalog of the online library.

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