For junior classes

Babies are just learning to read and count. They need very simple applications for school that explain arithmetic and the alphabet in a playful way, and at the same time help develop logical thinking.

1. Math and numbers for toddlers

The name of the application speaks for itself. It helps children learn to recognize and write numbers, solve simple examples, and cope with mental counting. The program is suitable for preparing for school and for first graders.

2. ABC-alphabet for children

This educational game introduces kids to the Russian alphabet, helps them remember letters and pronounce sounds correctly. The application has a bright design and simple operation. It is useful to prepare for school or consolidate basic knowledge in the first grade.

3. Chef of words

In this puzzle, you need to connect the letters from the proposed set into words with a line. The game helps to replenish vocabulary, as well as train spelling and attentiveness.

«Chef of Words» includes more than 2,000 levels and, in addition to Russian, supports 6 other languages, including English. The application also has a built-in explanatory dictionary with brief explanations for the guessed words.

4. Fixies: English for kids

The application with bright graphics and animation offers to learn English words in 11 topics. Famous characters, voiced by a native speaker, give tasks that, in a playful way, help the child to gradually memorize about 400 words.

For high school

In high school, students have to deal with several new subjects at once. Age discounts do not work, specialization is still far away. Therefore, children need reference books and encyclopedias. They will prompt the answer faster than textbooks and multi-volume dictionaries.

1. Brainly

An application with free consultations that help you do your homework. The student asks a question and receives an answer from users. Brainly makes it easier to handle especially difficult tasks, overcome fatigue, and get a good grade. It is important that the application only gives advice, but you still have to complete the task yourself, that is, the knowledge remains in your head.

2. Textbook «Foxford»

A universal application for the school in almost all disciplines. Textbooks in it are sorted into classes, the desired topic is easily found. There is nothing superfluous on the pages, only help. This is a cheat sheet about the most important thing that should always be at hand and in your head. The application is associated with online training courses that help you understand the topic.

3. Duolingo

Assistant in the study of foreign languages. With Duolingo, the student will master the program and learn to use foreign languages ​​in conversation and life. Fun, visual and sensible training.

4. Word of the day

This simple app lets you learn new words faster than a paper dictionary or internet search. In the program, you can find the meaning of both common and rare words, such as archaisms or professional terms from narrow areas.

The application is useful while reading literature, writing essays and tests. And for the general development, Word of the Day sends a notification every day with the actual word and its definition.

5. DeepL Translator

DeepL quickly and with high accuracy translates the entered text, spoken language, as well as captions on images through the camera. Judging by the reviews, the application does this even better than Google or Yandex services.

Translations can be saved in the appropriate section. The developers also provided the ability to import images to translate text into them. In total, the application currently supports 29 languages.

appbox fallback https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deepl.mobiletranslator&hl=ru&gl=ru

For high school students

It is time for graduates to prepare for serious tasks and choose where to go to study further. Exams and adult life are ahead, so we are moving on to difficult but useful applications for school.


WolframAlpha is a repository of knowledge and a tool for solving complex problems. It is especially useful for students of schools with in-depth study of mathematics or physics. Please note that the system only supports English. Without knowledge of the language, it will be difficult to cope with entering queries and studying information.

You can enter data in the search string with words or mathematical formulas. The service works not only with the exact sciences, but also contains information on the humanities. In the application, you can ask a question from the field of linguistics, economics, geography, history, art history and many others.

2. Adobe Scan

With Adobe Scan, you can quickly scan books, documents, printed assignments, notes, and any other text with illustrations. The app recognizes hundreds of languages ​​and converts photos into editable file formats. Built-in tools allow you to crop extra page margins, adjust colors and contrast. PDF, JPEG and Microsoft Office formats are available for saving files.

For all

Some applications for school will be useful for students, regardless of which grade they go to. Perhaps these useful programs will even stay with the child for many years.

1. School Glider

Schools are increasingly using electronic diaries, and children no longer carry timetables with them. In a smartphone, both the list of lessons and homework are always at hand. This version of the schedule is not boring and visual: each discipline is given its own color, so one glance is enough to navigate the classes.


Quizlet allows you to create flashcards on any topic for better learning. Here you can not only make your own recordings, but also select ready-made ones from hundreds of millions of pre-installed modules. The application will be useful when preparing, for example, for a test or presentation of a report.


The application will help you focus on studying school subjects and doing homework. In fact, this is the popular Pomodoro timer, only with game mechanics. You set the time, plant a virtual tree, and start working. As long as you are not distracted by the phone, the tree grows, and if you break your concentration, it will die. So you can grow a whole forest or lose everything due to the constant distraction from studying on a gadget.


It is a cartographic system with elements of a social network. The popular app allows you to track the location of friends and family members with their consent. Developers regularly add new features that may not be necessary for everyone. But this does not prevent you from using the program for its main purpose. Zenly will help if you are worried and want to at least approximately know what your loved ones are doing at the moment.

5 Castle Quiz

The goal of this quiz game is to occupy territory on the map and eventually capture the opponent’s castle. To get resources, you need to correctly answer questions on various topics. It can be literature, physics, chemistry, history, English, geography and other subjects.

For thousands of questions in Castle Quiz, detailed explanations are available with videos and links to lectures, courses, and tests. With the help of the application, you can both fill in the gaps in knowledge and consolidate the school curriculum in a playful way.

This collection was first published in 2017. In October 2022, we updated it.

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