1. Geekbench

  • Price: free for personal use, from $10 for a Pro license.
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.

One of the most popular utilities for testing video cards, as well as other components of computers and mobile gadgets. The program has long become a kind of standard in this area. For example, when new smartphones come out, the power of their video processors is tested through Geekbench. The same with fresh laptops from Apple and other top brands.

This all-in-one solution helps you evaluate overall system performance in complex programs, including graphics. Geekbench is not focused on games, but it can also be used to test a gaming computer.

Geekbench →

2. 3DMark

  • Price: from $30, there is a free demo.
  • Platforms: Windows.

The popular 3DMark program is considered one of the best options for determining the performance of video cards. Utility developers are always among the first to add support for the latest technologies. For example, testing with the DirectX 12 framework.

3DMark benchmarks are often used to compare gaming graphics cards. The program displays detailed charts showing clock speed, GPU temperature and frame rate. Based on the numbers from this application, you can make an informed choice when buying components for your computer.

The utility offers a set of tests that show the performance of a video card in real graphics processing conditions. The application allows you to adjust the screen resolution for a specific test up to 8K.

3D Mark →


  • Price: from $49.95, there is a free trial.
  • Platforms: Windows, Chrome OS, Sailfish OS.

AIDA64 analyzes the GPU and other system components in detail. Based on the results, you can evaluate the performance level of the video card. The program monitors in real time and displays a list of key indicators.

The application uses multi-threaded stress testing modules to push the GPU and CPU to their limits. AIDA64 monitors the temperature and speed of their work.

In addition, the utility will help you find weaknesses in the components. For example, it will become clear whether there are problems in the hardware itself or problems related to the software part.

AIDA64 →


  • Price: is free.
  • Platforms: Windows.

A fairly popular utility with a simple interface. Unlike 3DMark, FurMark evaluates graphics card performance using OpenGL technology. Since many games use the DirectX framework, this program will not allow you to know the full capabilities of the GPU in entertainment projects. But for other purposes, the application is quite suitable.

FurMark can monitor GPU temperature in test mode. The application is considered useful for fans of overclocking PC components — speeding up performance by changing the clock frequency and other device parameters.

Fur Mark →

5. Unigine Superposition

  • Price: free for personal use, from $19.95 Pro.
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux.

The Superposition application allows you to conduct detailed tests of a video card to assess its performance level and stability. The program uses the Unigine 2 Engine to run fairly resource-intensive visual effects and 3D environments.

Superposition offers an interactive mode with free mini-games. During testing, you can use virtual reality helmets through the SteamVR platform.

Unigine Superposition →


  • Price: free for personal use, $19 for the Pro version.
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Novabench contains tools for system testing, optimization and repair of GPUs. The application checks the operation of the processor and video card, the speed of data transfer to memory, the frequency of reading and writing the hard disk.

The results of your tests can be compared with data from other users on the Internet to identify potential problems. These metrics will help you optimize GPU performance.

Novabench →


  • Price: free for personal use, $249 per year for the Pro version.
  • Platforms: Windows.

OCCT is a set of tests for various devices, including several tools for evaluating the performance of a video card. During the study, changes in parameters can be observed in real time.

The utility displays the number of frames per second, temperature, frequency, voltage, cooler rotation speed and many other indicators. The program is also useful for monitoring the status of PC components in the process.


8.MSI Kombustor

  • Price: is free.
  • Platforms: Windows.

This benchmark was developed by MSI, which is directly related to the production of graphics processors for computers and game consoles. Also, its engineers create utilities for overclocking video cards.

The Kombustor program is able to load the computer components to the maximum in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It also displays all critical parameters, including heat level, voltage, memory size, frames per second, and more.

MSI Kombustor →

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