What Career Guidance Tests Are There and How Do They Work?

There are two main methods for determining career guidance: the Klimov test and the Holland test. Both allow, based on personal characteristics, to choose a profession in which a person can fully reveal all his talents.

The Klimov system is aimed at finding the most suitable professional field. There are five of them, and they are divided according to the types of objects that you will have to deal with during work:

  • A person is a person (teacher, salesman, doctor, lawyer).
  • Man — nature (veterinarian, biologist, physicist, geologist).
  • Man is a technique (engineer, electrician, mechanic, designer).
  • Man is a sign system (programmer, linguist, proofreader, topographer).
  • Man is an artistic image (writer, actor, musician, artist).

Holland’s technique helps to determine the type of personality and the type of activity to which a person is predisposed. There are six types in total:

  • Realistic — practical work with the use of physical strength and dexterity, giving a quick result (carpenter, agronomist, confectioner).
  • Intellectual — research activities and solving abstract problems that require creativity and non-standard thinking (astronomer, philosopher, mathematician).
  • Social — work, which is based on interaction with other people, analysis of their actions and training (manager, journalist, educator).
  • Artistic — acting, stage and artistic activity, where high emotional sensitivity, imagination and perception are important (artist, designer, sculptor).
  • Entrepreneurial — organizational work that requires leadership and the ability to make decisions in a difficult environment (entrepreneur, producer, director).
  • Conventional — clerical activities and specific tasks related to calculations and record keeping (clerk, banker, secretary).

When and how to take the career guidance test

You can determine your future profession from the eighth grade. It is advisable to take tests every year to take into account changing interests or, conversely, to confirm your choice.

Conduct testing in a calm, neutral environment. For the most accurate results, avoid situations where you are influenced by films, tours of enterprises, or communication with representatives of professions.

In all tests, you need to choose one of several options. Read carefully and mark what you like best, or how true the proposed statement is for you.

Where to take the online career guidance test

1. Foxford

An extended test with a visual design, consisting of three parts. You need to weed out the least interesting areas of activity, then choose your preferred job from several pairs, and then evaluate your abilities. The results will include your personality type, suitable professions of the future, psychological characteristics and strengths.

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2. Adukar

A 42-question test based on Holland’s methodology. Choose one of the two pairs of professions and at the end you will find out which of the six personality types prevails in your character, and also read the detailed description of each of them.

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3. Ucheba.ru

Questionnaire for determining the area of ​​interest of 60 questions. It will help you learn about your innate abilities for certain professions and things that motivate you the most.

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4. Testometrika

A large questionnaire with examples of specific tasks of various professions. Mark how much you like or dislike each of the options, and the service will tell you which directions you have inclinations.

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5. Professional Guide

Definition of career guidance according to the Klimov method. Indicate which of the two proposed jobs you like, and the service will give you the most suitable areas of activity for you with a detailed breakdown and examples of professions.

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6. Apply online

A visual test to determine the appropriate type of profession, based on the Klimov method. Choose which classes you like best and find out your preferred field of work. The service will offer three professions and universities where you can get the appropriate education.

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7. Admission Navigator

The educational portal «Navigator of Admissions» offers testing from three stages. It helps to understand the priorities in choosing a specialty. As a result, a selection of recommended professions is displayed. For each option, information is provided on the nature of the tasks, required competencies, salaries and work schedule.

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8. Proftest

The test consists of 14 blocks that help determine preferences in professions, as well as types of thinking and personality. It will take about two hours to pass, you can take breaks between subtests. The results are available in two versions: limited free and full paid.

The base report collects 7 suitable professions and work priorities. For 390 rubles, a list is opened, expanded to 10 specialties, as well as professional inclinations and the structure of intelligence are added, recommendations are given on areas and specializations in further education.

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A paid test from a well-known job portal that will help you find your true calling. The passage takes about an hour, and at the end of the service provides a detailed report. In addition to personal and intellectual characteristics, it contains a list of recommended professions and tips for self-development.

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This article was first published in June 2019. In May 2022, we updated the text.

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