Digital notes have almost supplanted analog paper notes, largely due to the development of tablets and styluses, but also thanks to convenient tools. One of these is the Defter Notes app for Apple devices.

Unlike most competitors, the application does not mimic a paper notebook, but uses a completely different approach. It is based on the concept of an infinite space, inside which, like on a huge board, pages with handwritten notes can coexist with images, PDF documents, stickers or attachment files.

For a more convenient organization, it is possible to create several additional ones within the main space.

The interface of Defter Notes is as simple as possible. To add a new element, just drag the corresponding icon from the toolbar on the left. This can be a page, a space, a PDF stack, an image, link, or file attachment, a sticky note, and a text box.

For handwritten notes, there is a separate floating toolbar in the form of a circle. It has a pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser and selection, as well as a «map» for navigating through notes. The thickness of the lines is adjusted by the slider, the color is selected here in the palette. The panel can be moved to any place on the screen or even collapsed so as not to interfere.

Double tap on the page allows you to select the layout and line type, resize, duplicate the page or export it as an image or PDF document.

The sliding panel at the bottom left serves as a kind of drawer and basket. Pages and any other elements can be placed here with a simple drag and drop, and they will fall into the archive or be deleted. If necessary, everything is easy to get out of storage and put back on the board.

Defter Notes opens up huge possibilities and allows you to completely rethink the process of working on a variety of tasks. If desired, you can create nested spaces in the application to get a semblance of a traditional notepad. But it is much more convenient and productive to master the concept of an endless board and organize your notes into groups on it so that you can then cover all your projects with one glance.

The application is paid, but it does not have any additional in-app purchases and subscriptions.

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