Ahead of the launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch, Google announced an update to its smart home control app. In the coming weeks, the new interface will be available to all Google Home users.

Illustration: Google

The hub will be divided into five tabs: «Favorites», «Devices», «Automations», «Activity» and «Settings». There will also be a new method for grouping gadgets: «Spaces». They will be able to combine devices from different rooms with different purposes.

Along with the new design, they announced the release of Google Home on Wear OS and as a web application that will allow you to view data from cameras and start the robot vacuum cleaner from your computer. They will come out in 2023. Also among the plans for the next year is a script editor that will allow you to create your own «Automations».

New features can be tested before release. Google is set to release an open beta, though no timeline has been revealed yet.

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