A cool sports kit motivates you to work out no worse than music and a training plan. We tell you what Russian brands of sportswear are and what interesting things you can find there.

Belle You

The lingerie brand produces sports sets made of polyamide and cotton with an admixture of elastane. At the heart of the line are tight-fitting tops and leggings. Also here you can find sports long sleeves, olympics, shorts and even tennis skirts. There are many colors to choose from, from bright to pastels. The basic set will cost an average of 6000-7000 rubles.

Where could I buy: Belle You, Ozon, Lamoda, Golden Apple

one two

A brand from Novomoskovsk for those who are sure that there is no better sportswear in the world than joggers and hoodies. Here they are in abundance in a variety of colors. Different variations are available for the top of the set: hoodies, long sleeves, t-shirts, shorts. For trousers, there are even different legs to choose from: with and without elastic. The clothes are made of cotton mixed with polyester. A set of hoodie and pants costs about 10,000 rubles.

Where could I buy: one two


Yekaterinburg lingerie brand makes seamless sports models. These are leggings, cycling shorts, tops. There are a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL. The sets are made of polyamide with an admixture of elastane. Leggings cost about 2,000 rubles, tops — from 800 rubles, bike shorts — about 1,000 rubles.

Where could I buy: MIREY

gaff gang

St. Petersburg brand with production in Omsk. Creates sportswear of different styles. There are both standard sets and overalls and bodysuits. Tops in several options from cropped bras to tank tops. Basically, sportswear is sewn from polyester and elastane. The cost of tops starts from 3000 rubles, leggings — from 5000 rubles. Overalls will cost an average of 10,000 rubles. Size grid from XS to L.

Where could I buy: gaff gang

Almond Crew

St. Petersburg wellness brand creates clothes for sports and leisure. The main focus is on yoga, so the kits are designed specifically for such activities. There are even overalls in which it will be convenient to take the most difficult poses. In addition to sportswear, you can buy an exercise mat.

Where could I buy: Almond Crew


The brand from Penza produces not only basic sportswear, but also equipment for biathlon, running, and fitness. The catalog contains tops, leggings, vests, windbreakers, ski sets. Size grid from 2XS to 5XL. All things are sold separately, but it is very easy to assemble a set of the shape and color scheme you want. A regular tracksuit will cost around 5,000 rubles. Warm triggers cost about 9,000 rubles.

Where could I buy: nordski


Brand with bright sportswear for fitness and yoga. Suitable for those who like to emphasize their body. In the catalog there are bras and tops, leggings and bike shorts. Of the interesting — a top with a pocket on the back for a smartphone. In addition to sportswear, there are small accessories such as wristlets and elastic bands. Prices range from 1500 to 7000 rubles.

Where could I buy: ZOJJ, Ozon

Elastic Active

Design brand Tatyana Bant creates clothes in the style of sporty chic. There are tight suits, sets and swimwear. You can also see a small line for pregnant women and clothes for tennis.

Where could I buy: Elastic Active, Golden Apple


Moscow brand of sportswear, founded in 2015. Produces clothes for dance classes, mainly ballet. The creators make sure that the quality of things matches the trends of the dance world. The catalog has shorts, leggings, skirts, swimwear and more to put together your bright sporty look.

Where could I buy: Zidans, Ozon


The brand will appeal to those who do not want to wear the usual sports uniform. He creates models with an almost provocative character: here there are transparent inserts and tops with cuts in the chest area. Even the most modest models try to emphasize all the outlines of the figure. Size grid from XS to L.

Where could I buy: IRNBY, Ozon

Gloria Jeans

The brand has a wide range of sportswear. Nothing crazy, but a great variety for a small price. You can buy tight-fitting sets, loose suits, shorts, long sleeves and tops. Size chart from XXS to L. In addition to sportswear, the catalog has various water bottles that are convenient to take with you to the gym.

Where could I buy: Gloria Jeans, Ozon, Lamoda


The Russian clothing brand is trying to produce things in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The same applies to the sports line. Its content changes depending on the current fashion agenda. Sizes from XXS to L. It is worth trying on things in the store if possible, as they are often oversized.

Where could I buy: Lime, Lamoda


The brand has a wide variety of cotton sportswear. There are both solid colors and prints. The brand often arranges collaborations with cartoon and film characters. Mostly in the catalog are tracksuits, consisting of hoodies and joggers. But besides them there are also shorts, T-shirts, long sleeves. You can buy a complete set for an amount within 3000 rubles.

Where could I buy: Yours, Ozon, AliExpress


The brand produces minimalist sportswear in soothing shades. Clothing is made from cotton or polyester. The line of sportswear also includes sneakers and simple sports equipment.

Where could I buy: Zarina, Ozon, Lamoda

Be free

The sports line reflects the mood of the brand: it is bright and daring. Colorful t-shirts and shorts coexist with models of calmer shades, but with an interesting cut. In a word, there is everything that is needed for sportswear to emphasize character.

Where could I buy: Befree, Ozon, Lamoda


The brand positions itself as a brand for active mothers. The sports line is small, there is no complicated cut or additional accessories. But the sets are still pleasing to the eye and quite practical. Finding a simple, fitted top and leggings is easy.

Where could I buy: SELA, Lamoda, Yandex.Market, Ozon


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