«Bogatyrs» — for connoisseurs of stability

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It is difficult to pull such people out for a spontaneous walk, and they are unlikely to agree to acts out of the ordinary. But you can call them even in the middle of the night to ask for help.

These people know how and love to save. So they don’t face a situation where there is a week before the salary, and only a thousand rubles remain on the account. Their favorite sport is searching for profitable promotions and cashback.

They won’t have to worry about extra expenses — the Tinkoff Black card has an eternal free service that will save you more than five thousand rubles over five years of use. And from purchases with Tinkoff Black, cashback in rubles is returned — up to 15% for any spending.

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«Girl with Peaches» — for hedonists

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“You can’t forbid living beautifully” is the motto of the owners of such cards. They appreciate aesthetics and will certainly delight themselves with pleasant little things when the opportunity arises. For example, their weekends are hard to imagine without gatherings in trendy restaurants. Sometimes hedonists part with money too quickly, but it’s hard to blame them for this — such people are used to taking the best from life and are happy to teach this to others.

The Tinkoff Black card will help them save money. Its owners each month choose up to four categories of cashback. For purchases on them, cardholders receive an increased bonus. So the treasury of hedonists will not be empty after breakfast in a cafe or taxi rides.

Connoisseurs of beauty will also be pleased with the design. Their favorite picture will decorate not only the card, but also the bank’s mobile application. And they will also be able to earn money if one day they still want to save money — with a Tinkoff PRO subscription, up to 6% per annum is charged on the balance of funds on the card.

«Morning in a pine forest» — for contemplators

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Hygge, lagom, ikigai — whatever the concept of happiness may be to the liking of the owners of such a card, it is important that they know how to enjoy the moment. And they also appreciate the opportunity to be with their families. To break away and go to the ends of the world is an almost unrealistic scenario. But they love to look for new places in their hometown to gather with loved ones and catch a moment that will never happen again.

If the contemplator needs cash during the gatherings, he will not need to run around the city in search of a terminal. He will be able to withdraw up to three thousand rubles from the Tinkoff Black card at any ATM without commission.

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«Alyonushka» — for romantic natures

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Those who choose this card like to walk slowly around the autumn city and watch melodramas in the evenings. Of course, with a mug of cocoa. But they don’t like to be distracted by household trifles — after all, couriers can bring everything they need. For example, a Tinkoff Black debit card with «Alyonushka» will be delivered even to your home, even to the office, even to the pond, where its future owner is sitting, thinking about the subject of sighs.

Tinkoff Black has a bonus for those whose love language is gifts. They can transfer money to cards of any banks without commission and please their loved ones, wherever they are.

«Demon sitting» — for those who do not stand still

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Although the character of the picture sits, looking thoughtfully into the distance, he wants to find his way. The owners of the card with this design are guided by the same dream. They like to change the scenery and move to new cities, quickly seeing the sights. Like the Demon, they sometimes wonder where they are always in a hurry, but literally a second later they again break off in search of a place where they will be truly comfortable.

Often wanderers stop to make new plans for the future. Including financial. Tinkoff Black with eternal free service will save money and delight your soul with a beautiful design if you have time to get a card before October 16th.

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