Good knitted clothes cheer up on a gloomy day. Well, it’s warm, of course. We tell you how to choose a cool sweater in 2022 and what options you can find from Russian brands.

Which sweater to choose


The current sweater in 2022 is nostalgic. Two trends fit this definition.

The first is a bright color. The richer the shade, the better. Such products were presented by Chanel, Stella McCartney, Prada and many others. The color can be anything, but the most popular this season is fuchsia, a legacy of the glamorous 2000s and barbicore. You can not be limited to plain things and look after sweaters with prints.

The second trend for knitwear is a sweater with a zip collar from the 80s. A former element of the men’s wardrobe has been brought back to life by fashion influencers such as Scandinavian fashionista Jeanette Madsen. This sweater is also called «trucker sweater». The thing is convenient: you can unzip the zipper if it gets too hot. And practical: with such a jumper, it is easier to put together a layered look thanks to the collar with a zipper.


If fashion trends are not interesting, choose a knitted product in pastel shades and a simple cut. A discreet sweater will be combined with the rest of the things in the wardrobe. In addition, since the basic sweater is almost always relevant, you can look at more expensive models made from high-quality yarn. Clothing made of cashmere and merino is not cheap, but it will warm you well and last a long time. And non-standard images with a basic sweater can be peeped at Bella Hadid.

And here are the sweaters!


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