— one —

Durable stainless steel mug with a volume of 380 ml. The model has double vacuum walls — this design will keep the drink hot for up to 10 hours. The silicone pad on the case will help not to burn your hands and prevent the glass from slipping out. The screw cap does not leak even when the mug is upside down. Push-button valve can be conveniently opened with one hand.

Price: 583 rubles.


– 2 –

There are 380 and 510 ml stainless steel mugs to choose from. The model retains heat up to 8 hours, does not leak and does not burn hands. The thermo mug has a wide neck — the product is easy to wash from the inside. Five colors are available to order.

Price: from 721 rubles.


– 3 –

The 500 ml mug attracts attention with an unusual design with a “cracked” pattern. The double-walled steel container keeps the contents hot for up to 10 hours. Outside — pleasant to the touch anti-slip coating. The tight plastic cover will reliably protect from accidental drops and will not allow the drink to spill.

Price: 907 rubles.


— four —

The model can be hung on the hand or fixed on a backpack with a special detachable strap. The mug is steel and keeps the temperature of the drink up to 8 hours. The anti-slip silicone pad is decorated with textured inscriptions. The reviews write that the mug does not leak, and also praise the convenient spout on the lid. The volume of the model is 380 ml.

Price: 740 rubles.


— 5 —

A steel thermo mug is able to keep the drink bitter for 8-10 hours. Thanks to the ribbed body, the product is comfortable to hold in your hand. On top there is a carrying handle that folds out and does not interfere with drinking through the hole in the lid. When ordering, you can choose a model with a volume of 400 or 500 ml. Four colors: gray, green, blue and gold.

Price: from 1,081 rubles.


– 6 –

A spiral-shaped mug with a thermal insulating coating — the product will fit comfortably in your hand and will not slip out.

The mug holds 500 ml of liquid and retains heat for up to 8 hours. If necessary, it can be washed in the dishwasher. The model is made of stainless steel.

Price: 870 rubles.


– 7 –

With such a thermal mug, you do not have to wipe up accidentally spilled coffee from the keyboard. At the base of the model there is a suction cup that is firmly attached to the surface of the table and prevents the mug from tipping over. A tight-fitting lid with an airtight seal also protects against accidental splashing of the contents.

The case with the handle is made of plastic. Inside is a stainless steel container with a capacity of 470 ml. The drink in the mug stays hot for 7 hours.

Price: 1,145 rubles.


— eight —

A large 520 ml mug keeps the temperature of the contents for about 7 hours. The model is made of steel. The body and handle are finished with faux leather overlays. These details not only protect hands from burns, but also give the product an original look.

The kit comes with a removable strainer, with which you can brew herbal or berry tea right in the mug. The set also includes a screw cap. Two colors are available to order.

Price: from 1,141 rubles.


— 9 —

Stainless steel model suitable for car use. The thermo mug fits into the cup holder, and the valve on the lid is easy to open with one hand. The capacity of the model is 470 ml. The drink in it will stay hot for 7 hours. There are six designs to choose from.

Price: 1,968 rubles.


— ten —

With a 590 ml mug, you can stock up on hot coffee for the whole working day. The manufacturer promises that the contents of the thermal mug will remain hot for 7 hours. Like the rest of the models, it is made of steel. The tight cover with the valve protects from leaking. There is an anti-slip silicone pad on the outside.

Price: 2 365 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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