The Google browser has a built-in extension manager, but working with it leaves much to be desired. To simply deactivate the plugin, you have to perform a lot of unnecessary actions. With Extension Manager, everything is much faster and easier.

After installing this program, an icon appears on the toolbar, by clicking on which a list of all extensions with names, information about them, as well as activation and removal buttons is displayed. In addition, general data on the number of installed and disabled add-ons is visible.

If there are a lot of extensions, then it is easy to find the one you need through the search function. To turn it on and off, just click the toggle switch; to remove it, press the Uninstall button. You can also activate or deactivate all extensions with one click using the buttons marked with eye icons.

For more convenient work, the Extension Manager interface can be expanded to full screen at any time and opened in a separate tab — enough click on the arrow button. Settings allow you to switch to a dark theme and a more compact grid display.

The extension is completely free and available in the official add-ons store.

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