• Price: free for personal use.
  • Platform: Windows.

A program for mixing incoming and outgoing audio signals in the operating system. Voicemeeter helps you control every app and device, including the microphone. Here, using a simple equalizer, you can adjust the volume, as well as the frequency distribution.

Hotkeys are provided to quickly switch between sound sources or turn off devices. This is useful when you need to quickly select a signal from several microphones during a live broadcast. Voicemeeter will also be useful for recording online calls.

The interface of the program is quite simple to learn. The application is compatible with most sound cards and microphones.

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  • Price: trial version — free, license — from $ 13.
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.

RecordPad is designed primarily for setting up audio recording. The program allows you to work with multiple sources and a stereo mixer.

With its help, it will be possible to activate the recording of the signal only at the moments of the appearance or disappearance of sound in the microphone. The app also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone and set it to trigger at a certain power level, below which audio will not be saved.

The recorded audio tracks RecordPad saves in the main popular formats — MP3, FLAC, AIFF and WAV. Finished files can be immediately sent by e-mail or uploaded to an FTP server through the application.

RecordPad →

3. Snooper

  • Price: trial version — free, license — from $ 25.
  • Platform: Windows.

In terms of its capabilities, Snooper is similar to RecordPad. It also supports automatic activation of the recording when the set volume of the sound in the microphone is reached. And in the application there is a “voice recorder” mode, in which audio is constantly tracked.

Additionally, Snooper has a noise reduction function in case you have to record a voice in a room with a lot of background noise. For advanced users, the program provides an equalizer, frequency filters, meters and signal analyzers.

From the finished file, you can select individual pieces for a specific time interval and save them in MP3, WAV or FLAC formats, after setting the quality.

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  • Price: is free.
  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Audacity is primarily intended for sound editing, but it can also record through a microphone. Before tracking, the device can be adjusted, but the settings will not work in other applications — there the sound will remain the same.

After recording in Audacity, you can use layers and mix tracks, as well as apply various sound effects. If necessary, the finished file is saved in MP3 and other popular formats.

This program is used by both amateurs to record their own songs, and professionals to work with more complex projects. But still it is not a complete system for creating music.

Audacity →

5. Clownfish

  • Price: is free.
  • Platform: Windows.

This is an app to change your voice with various effects. Clownfish consists of two main parts — the audio driver and the control panel, which contains all the settings and necessary functions.

In the settings, you can select any of the available sound recording devices. The program monitors the selected audio channel and intercepts the signal entering it. For the microphone, there is a section with bass and treble controls, as well as noise filtering.

Clownfish processes the incoming audio signal in real time using the filter specified in the menu. The converted audio is then broadcast to the currently open application. It can be, for example, a messenger, a game chat, a browser or a voice recorder.

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