Canadian non-profit organization Native Land Digital has launched an interactive online globe that shows the territories of the world’s indigenous peoples and the distribution of their languages.

The map can be rotated and zoomed in, considering all the boundaries. When clicked, a link to the selected people appears, sending to a page with related sites and data sources.

Such a globe contains information from all over the world, including details about North America, South America, Australia, Northern Europe, and parts of Asia. On the territory of Russia, only some Finno-Ugric peoples in the north are noted, including Karelians, Veps, Nenets, Ingrians, Khanty, Selkups, Mansi and Komi.

The developers of the map note that the goal of the project is to inform and educate people about the history and sacredness of lands around the world. The project is still under development and is constantly updated with new data.

Open map Native Land Digital →


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